Big Bang on Running Man Part 2 (120311)

Watch Part 1  here.

I won’t give away any spoilers but it was certainly a lot more exciting this time around.  (Taeyang fans… watch till the end! hehehe )

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Many thanks to iSUBS Subbing Team and bbvipchannel for the subs and upload! Check their site for downloads and alternative viewing links.


6 thoughts on “Big Bang on Running Man Part 2 (120311)”

  1. Oh just in case anyone is wondering – the “magic rings” can call up any member of the Running Man team when used once (they just have to say the name together and do the funny ritual thing.)

    Love this episode – YB certainly had his variety pants on for Running Man. He was just goofy and all ready to compete and act out for the camera. No wonder the PD was surprised and impressed – whoever thought he had it in him?

  2. This episode was EPIC!!!! So many cute and lovely YB moments, and the ending~~~~~ (really don’t want to spoil it). Thanks for the video!!! I think I could rewatch this all over again, hahahahaha

  3. this episode was so thrilling and funny! if taeyang has to do any sort of variety promotions again, i say come back to running man! where he put his overflowing energy and exitement to great use. hahaha. he’s such a dork. super cute. lol.
    the rest of the members also brought lots of laughter. gonna be one of my fav big bang variety show ever!

  4. Finally! Just finished watching the show.

    Epic YB ninja is epic.

    YB seriously excels in these types of variety shows. It allows him to be his usual crazy goofy hyper self while also challenging him mentally and physically.

    Running Man, Sang Sang Plus, Brain Battle…….he was great in all! Just because he doesn’t do well on more interview/story-telling shows, doesn’t make him a variety show dunce. He just needs a challenge!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, YB totally rocked in the recent variety shows!
      In the past, I would occasionally have the urge to give him a little nudge while watching certain variety shows, just because he was so uptight. Now, he just seemed more of himself and truly enjoying every moment of it. Much more relaxed and random at the same time! So much fun to watch and makes me fangirl like crazy everything he does something cute and silly.

      Just in case if you guys haven’t watched the show with English sub. Here are the links.

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