SBS Big Bang Comeback Special: Alive (120309) – Updated (and with subbed video)

SBS aired a few performances from the recently concluded Big Show 2012 along with some behind the scenes clips and interviews with the members about the comeback.

Some of the performance cuts were also uploaded on the YG Concert youtube channel:

Fantastic Baby

More below the cut (including the full eng subbed video of the special):

Bad Boy


And congratulations to Big Bang for the simultaneous (and particularly satisfying) Music Bank win inspite of not being on the show!  ( Ranking #150 on the US Billboard’s Top 200 chart was great too.)


Translation and Subs by Sara of BigBang Updates /

12 thoughts on “SBS Big Bang Comeback Special: Alive (120309) – Updated (and with subbed video)”

  1. Ok finished watching the show and 1) i’m annoyed about the lack of Ain’t No Fun, love that song 3) the boys are amazing live and I can’t wait for them to come to the US for their tour 3) was the girl YB hugged at the start Jihye?

    1. i thought it was Dara but then that girl looks like a dancer but she doesn’t look like ji hye isn’t ae-young??waaahhhhhhhh…y hugged her??

      1. I honestly don’t know. I haven’t been able to freeze frame it. It could be Jihye since they’re close friends, I do think it’s a dancer because I think that the girl is wearing dancer clothing but it happened so quickly lol. Anyway, it was cute no matter who she was lol.

  2. I wonder how Taeyang would look if he took his hair down 2mm all around and on top, sort of like what J. Timberlake made popular except with the white cross on the back and maybe some unique design etched in or whatever. I think that would look awesome. I’m not really liking this style that much. Might be too similar to Seungri’s hair… ehhh

        1. Ehhh i prefered his hair style from before. Also he should remove that tattoo of his, IMO it just doesnt really fit him

  3. Can someone please send me a link for the srt file? Please, I already have the video but I don’t have the sub. 😦 thanks!

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