It’s Fantastic Baby! (MV)

The Big Bang brand of crazy weird swag is in full force in this MV and they’ve even kicked it up a notch.

And the YB effect is in full force – it’s a song that horrified me on first listen, charmed me by the time Big Show unveiled the performances and then now has me singing along on its wackadoodle MV.  I’ve surrendered to the charm of King DYB and his insane collection of pants – what used to be ridiculous is now acceptable if not outright sexy and cool on him as performance wear. In any case, this isn’t a video that should be taken seriously. Once you enter BB’s Fantastic World, you just have to let go of sense, put tongue firmly in cheek and go along for the ride.

13 thoughts on “It’s Fantastic Baby! (MV)”

  1. This is a case of what the fuckery at it’s best. Most random shit ever. And yet, I’m in love with it.
    And honestly, I can only see Big Bang pulling off this video. We’ve all seen wtf videos before. But this was so crazy, it was amazing. Haha

    YB bias hitting hard. But I loved his parts the best. From the thawing from his frozen state to the fact that he couldn’t keep still for even one second. YB….you turned a song I hated into a song I am now starting to love!!!!

    And the end with BB dancing…..hadoukens anyone????

    1. He’s the only one who actually looked “alive” in the MV. Couldn’t get why everyone else (except maybe DS in the dungeon part) looked so wooden. Though GD’s parts/character was really interesting, especially when he landed on the car. Can’t figure out what is going on but perhaps this ties in with the concert story (aliens saving the earth or whatever?) Gah, will not overthink this.

      1. Don’t over think this! Pretty sure there is a storyline in all of this hot mess, but it’s not one I’m trying to figure out.

        You caught that too? I wasn’t sure if it was just me that thought everyone was oddly stiff, especially TOP and SR. And all that guyliner on TOP was a no-no.

        And I don’t know why I like that part where GD landed on the car so much. Because it was just like a second long. But I was like whoaaa. Haha

        But this crazy weird video is a win for me. It’s already going down as one of my favorite BB mvs ever. I’m even going to title it was “EPIC” because it was for me. I’m in love with it. And the fact that YB had so much screen time didn’t hurt either. 🙂

        1. I like the insanity of it too. I would have liked it more, honestly, if the rest of them had more expression and really played out their characters more and just showed more energy in all those elaborate sets. I mean its already ridiculous, just go all the way right? Being so reserved (or subtle) just looked like they werent having any fun filming it.

  2. Taeyang Daesung and GD looked so friggin good! their eyes! argh. love it! and at the end where they sat like kings? lol look at TY! so boss!

    1. taeyang should calm his ass down a lil lol and just stare into the camera. his eyes….the angst…i love em. i thought the ppl in masks at the end? were kinda awkward addition esp since they are wearing jeans and casual clothes. lol. gd’s hair made me lol but he pulled it off. daesung looked so fineeee.

        1. I know! Top was going all Zoolander there for a while I didn’t get what he was going for. And I expected SR to get all naughty with the Crazy girls — disappointed he was so dialed down.

  3. Okay. I am still trying figure out what to make of the video. The roles they are supposed to play. Taeyang looks hot as hell with that mortal kombat metal arm jaxx thingy! Well. That is what it remind me of. I just ordered The alive album Taeyang version. Can’t wait to put Taeyang’s poster right above my computer!!!!

  4. OKKKKK my eyes when YB was al frosted 0~0 I thought….”hmmm he dosen’t need a microwave to defrost ” (bad joke,I know haha) anyway,thank God they show skin and those EYES like sending you rays of super powers!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!! he looks HOT,HOT and ALIVE definetly he put the power and energy on this song.Well,I’ll continue with the BOOMSHAKALAKA in my head!!! addiction,addiction =)

  5. tbh, since i was amazed by the teaser, i had expected more to see YB’s dancing part while he sits on his throne.
    anyway i like that he has a quite different image from the soft charisma he usually shows in other MVs…
    his stares are enough to make me feel breathless… and he sounds so great here… 😀

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