Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 3 (120304)

Today is the 3rd and I last day of the Big Show. The set list remains unchange, but it seems that fan interaction was even greater this time. And the boys gave 2 encores because TOP wanted Fantastic Baby and Taeyang wanted Bad Boy and the fangirls wanted all they could give.

BAD BOY – encore 

See more below cut

Wow. I have no words but Bluemaid described this as Taeyang ” half naked, sweaty, covered in glitter and grinding like he wants to make love to the world”. He’s already said that Bad Boy is his favorite song off the album and we can see that he’s feeling the mess out of the song. Hot as hell. Blowing kisses, grinding and shirtless.

Fantastic Baby – encore 

At this point they’ve been playing for 2 hrs straight, where does this boy get the energy? And lol at GD sitting down while Taeyang can’t seem to stand still. Obviously, GD tried to cool him down but that didn’t work. So excited that he hurt himself a bit towards the end. He just cant be contained.

The solos: Look Only At Me, Wedding Dress and Where U At 

These were great as usual. And I love the added dupstep to Where U At. And of course the shirt comes off.

Anyway, I can’t wait for them to take this tour on the road and take it to my city! So excited to finally see Big Bang live.

cr: Sol-mate, YBmania, juckdo@youtube, YBManiaOfficial2@youtube

24 thoughts on “Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 3 (120304)”

  1. FUCKKKKKK….YB you’re killing me!!!

    No words but…….yeah actually, no words can describe the feelings YB gives me. Guess BM and Tooz’s words will have to do.

    YB, I’m going to need you to be like this when you perform in the US okay? If not, I’m prepared to kidnap your ass and give me private performances. 😛

    1. ahh man 😀 i know the filing, so glad he chose that song, and i like reggae in the end!! It fits him best!! oh weeee look at that tatoo, looks so fine on him ^^ …:D few days earler i was thinking what happen to his chain from old days (it looks so awesome), so glad he is back with that style :)…kinda…but damn those sexy back…mmMMmm…his freestyles are sooo good, damn >.<

  2. Man. I wish I could say something about this that made more sense than ….. daaaaayuuuum. There are no words. Fangirl for life. You beautiful, beautiful man.

    Will come back a bit later so I will be less embarrassing.

  3. HE DID AMAZING IN HIS SOLOS! Voice and dance was so on point this time round! Love it!

    Am so wondering where he gets his energy from.. is it that vitamin water he always drink?! lol. And the best part is, he’s channeling it right into his performances! Loveee!

  4. Gahhhh!!! Gawd, this third day was THE SHIT. HOT DAYUUUUMMMM, this just makes me even more excited and I wasn’t even at the concert!!! Hope he comes to Australia when I’m still here!!! IT’LL BE A DREAM COME TRUE. MAN… SHIRTLESS and dancing his heart out, I think I’m sold again – such an amazing man!

    Seeing him singing so emotionally, interacting with the fans, dancing with so much umph and then his goofiness during the encore – plus shirtless (wait, I just said that) – man I’m out of words… It’s just me squealing and screaming and jumping up and down!!!!

  5. He’s just been a dancing machine. It’s so funny. It’s like he gets into a trance.

    I hope that they hurry up and release the international tour dates. I’m praying that they come to chicago.

  6. YB KNOWS HE IS SEXY!! HE NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING!!! lol!!! OMG!!! shirtless once again. I saw heaven again.!!!

  7. Damn! he was so hyper…and hot as hell, YG better have London as a destination for the tour, I swear if he denies us (ME!) that, all hell will break lose!


  8. While I like this concert and how freaking awesome and can’t wait for them to come to the U.S. I’m not really liking the giant tattoo on his right side of his lower stomach, IDK, i guess i have a thing of not liking tatoo’s since IMO it ruins the skin. IDK, I’ll have to live with it if it’s a real one though I’m PRAYING it’s fake.

  9. No matter what I support Youngbae !! I respect his decision that his tattoo is real or fake !!

  10. OOOOOOOOMG that was good the tattoo looks real, i like it it doesnt change him its just a tattoo but Sydney better be a destination of this tour they have to they never come to australia there alot of VIP here an they are not only Asians am African and been into the boys since day one BIAS to OUR BOY just like all of u but yeah Sydney Pray its the place. GOD BLESS ALL.

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