Big Bang on Running Man Part 1 (120304) – Updated

So much cuteness!

Part 1/4

Thanks so much to iSUBS Subbing squad and bbvipchannel for the subs and uploads.

The rest below the cut!

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4


The next part will be broadcast on March 11, 5PM KST on SBS.



7 thoughts on “Big Bang on Running Man Part 1 (120304) – Updated”

  1. The show format gives a pretty good idea of what is going on though. Not to spoil it for anyone, but the premise of the show is the Running Man team vs the Big Bang team in the Natural History Museum. Big Bang has to collect 5 Running Man tickets hidden all over the museum to complete the mission (and there are fake tickets hidden among the real ones.) The Running Man team just has to catch Big Bang and rip off their name tags before they find all the tickets to win. (In the show, a player is eliminated every time their name tag is ripped off.) But if a Running Man member rips the name tag off the Big Bang member who holds a “Bang/bomb” tag, the person who ripped off the tag gets eliminated along with the Big Bang member.

    1. Thank you for the explanation =) its very helpful especially to those who are not familiar with the show.

  2. OMG thank you for this…Taeyang is so adorkable cute…actually all of them…can’t wait for the subs!!

  3. YB is officially BB’s resident ninja.

    I love YB on these types of competitive variety shows. I need him to be thinking and in action, not just telling stories or giving interviews. Let YB put his ninja skills to use!

    And this episode was too cute. Adorkableness all over the place. And subs weren’t even needed to understand what was going on, which I loved. Now onto part 2 please!

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