The Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 1 (120302) – Taeyang Photos

O.M.G.  See why below the cut.

Apart from him looking amazing (really loving pineapple hair now), that is one BIG tattoo. If that sucker is real, he certainly went all in for the first one. (Good placement though. I think it kind of suits him too.)

Photo credits as tagged (many thanks to the fans for sharing.)  We’ll just add to these as more are uploaded.

16 thoughts on “The Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 1 (120302) – Taeyang Photos”

    1. Doubt it has much to do with Jay since GD had a tat way before then. Probably because all the YG hyungs have tats, I think even YG himself has a tat. It was always just a matter of time imo. And I love it too, nice art and nice placement. But on the ribs, that’s mad painful.

  1. O.M.G. O.M.G. O.M.G. O.M.G O.M.G.
    as in OH MY GOD! now that tattoo really looks REAL now. but yeah, it suits me though. and being a catholic myself, I AM PROUD it was a cross. it makes me sin though for looking at his bod with the tattoo…

  2. Honestly, I’m so surprised he got one since we all know how super Christian he is. But then again, being with YGE since he was like in diapers, he’s grown up around it and probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

    And that is one HUGE tattoo. I normally don’t like big tattoos on guys. But it’s YB. He makes it’s look so fucking HOT.

    1. I know a lot of Christians even super Christians who have tats, I think it’s only Catholics who don’t allow tats (but I may be wrong on that) and I know the Jewish faith doesn’t allow it either. But most Christian (even super Christians) I know think tats are a no issue.

  3. On a non-tattoo related note, I am loving the hair now…didn’t realize how much I hated that bandana until now.

    He’s looking real, real, REAL good.

  4. Only can make me look at tats and not freak out but think it’s freakin’ hot. The tat really suits him, and it’s in a nice spot – though I bet it was quite painful….

  5. I’m really hoping it’s not a real tattoo, hoping it’s fake. IDK, it doesn’t really suit him though, but it guess it’s my opinion since I hate tattoo cause it just ruins the skin IMO.

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