Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 2 (120303)

Day 2 of the concert had a nearly identical set list but the boys stepped up fan interaction to the delight of the audience. More ments helped build a better emotional connection with fans and Daesung and Taeyang even went into the standing area (inside 2 zorb balls.)  Adjustments will continue to be made for sure but it looks like Big Show is getting even better.


LOAM, Wedding Dress and Where U At


More below the cut:




Many thanks to the fans for sharing!

20 thoughts on “Big Show 2012: Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 2 (120303)”

  1. Let it be know that I need a fancam or something of YB in a zorb ball. I’m picturing something like a gerbil in my head. Hahaha

    I love when YB gets used to a choreo because he starts to go all out. He was hitting hits movements even harder this night.

    Although he had some problems, mainly the falling and the not being able to rip his shirt right away, I actually like this night’s performance better than last night’s. He just had like this BAMF attitude that I loved.

      1. Am I the only one surprised that YB hasn’t actually hurt himself too badly after all these years of performing? Boy be crazy sometimes. I’m shocked he hasn’t had any broken bones or anything yet.

        1. Omg BM….that was too cute. You can see just how much fun he was having in it. We’re they rolling on top of the fans?
          I need a miniature YB in a zorb ball in my life to play with when I’m bored. Hahaha

          And glad to see Bae back is looking gorgeous as ever.

  2. Definitely a lot better than yesterday’s performance, despite the little mishap and he took the fall like a pro – hope he’s OK ><

    YB's such a goof in that zorb ball!!! Too cute!!!! GAHHhhhhhh~

  3. i haven’t seen the second day vids but all i have to say is that youngbae was awesome tonight.omg,but he was on fire tonight.i been watching BB shows since the great,and this must be his greatest performance together with his members.he’s great on his solo concert,but once he perform with his bandmates,it’s like youngbae don’t want the attention all to himself.and just contented with just being their on stage and not shine as much as his solos.but tonight,the crowd sensing his energy on stage chanted his name 3 times.chanting his name for LOAM,then on WD,then on WUA.he was on fire specially during WUA.his dancing had so much umph in it.i really intended to stay quiet on this BS but YB,was too epic not to share.he dances to his heart’s content,he sang with such emotion on his face,ahhhh.and he sang beautifully.k,there were times that he just did so so but overall
    in my opinion he was the best performer that night.
    on top of that he was very playful to his members!he interacted with the fans,something YB rarely do on BB concerts.ahh,so many things to tell.
    he took off his shirt,then he wants to take off GD’s as well.but GD don’t want too,instead they turn on fail!so they turn on DAE!omg,Dae was,what he did was he wore (someone else?)vest.anyways,YB bite maknae’s wifebeater lol he wanted to undress maknae so bad.omg!baeri!lol
    oh!Tabi pretended to slap DAE lol in the re-encore lol.
    so,i forgot the rest but i had a great time:D

    they have re-encore in which they sang bad boy and fantastic baby again.too bad i’m having trouble uploading my video:(((

    1. Oh, we want all the details you can remember. None are too small! The concert seemed EPIC. There was a real connection there with the audience. And I could tell YB was different somehow. LOL I’m so excited and I wasn’t even there.

      1. it was EPIC!i heard some people where complaining that it’s too westernize?well then,its ok with me.they cut off the parody, but THERE WERE LOTS OF FANS INTERACTION as oppose to what i heard on the 1st day,so,yay!the ball where YB at went on my side.i went apeshit when my hand touch the ball.

        tbh,seeing all BB shows were like repeatations.same ol’ bigbang shows.ahh,so hard to explain.(but i’m not complaining tho,since i always enjoyed their shows).they’re all they same to me.seeing the alteration even if a little and even if they sound corny(will you help bigbang band to save the planet?lol)i’d take it.

        damn bae was so playful i love know how we talk sometimes here that YB seem to lose his presence?i understand that he just don’t want to steal some attention all to himself.well,he’s on top of the game right now.the one thing i love the most about him was his expression when he sing passionately?well,he did lots of that lol.i wish they put 3rd day on the dvd.i hope he won’t lose that passion on stage when world tour starts
        their band drown their voices sometimes!but youngbae’s voice was powerful enough.

        his solo was all sort of perfect.the crowd sing along.WUA was just woah.crying at his dancingTT.i was breathless as i watch.

        our boy seems like back on his fit self again.abs not as define as during his solo,but it’s coming back:)

        1. Gahhhh…..I was just talking about that with BM!!! Seems like he’s more confident with himself when performing with BB, or at least, being more himself instead of holding back.

          And I agree. His solo looked the best on the 3rd day as well. Definitely need YB to do that on the world tour.

          I saw rumors that the 3rd day is supposed to be on the concert DVD. Which makes sense since the last day is usually their best day.

        2. Haha. You picked the best day! I was hoping you went since I know you’ve been watching all the BB concerts since forever and can make a good comparison. So I’m so, so happy that you thought YB did amazing. I was wondering if it was just my imagination that he was more energized and just “out there” more than usual. And his fanservice was off the chain!

      2. the only thing i save after all the videos i shot.goddammit!

        haruharu together with fans.i was too choke up to sing along.
        ehh,idk,but YB falsettoed his part lol

    2. Trade lives with me PLEASE?????

      Multiple fan accounts have said YB was the highlight of the shows. And fancams are saying no different.

      I need them to perform in the US ASAP!!!

      1. yes,he is!i was so damn proud.crowd chanting a members name 3times during a solo perf in BB show is unheard of.

      1. it’s an expensive hobby!lol

        i wasn’t on 1st and 2nd but i know 3rd days or final days are the shit.

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