The Big Show 2012 : Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 1 (120302) – Fancams

Big Bang kicked off their Alive world tour with a 2 hour, 26 song extravaganza complete with live band, fire, ice, guns, dragons, wings and suspicious tattoos among other things.  Taeyang had a little solo time with the LOAM remix, Wedding Dress and a Where U At remix.   YB’s amazing fans managed to snag some video and are sharing their fancams:

Fantastic Baby


We’ll keep on updating this post as they come in.


LOAM Remix, Wedding Dress and Where U At Remix


Wedding Dress – solmateelly

WUA – solmateelly


Ain’t No Fun




Gara Gara Go


Bad Boy





Our boy reportedly went into the audience and ended the night tossing his shirt (rather – several shirts) into the audience (natch.)  All in all, a good day’s work for DYB. The concert sounds exhausting though so here’s hoping he and the rest of the boys stay healthy all the way through.

Check out the full set-list and other Day 1 concert details from Big Bang Updates.


22 thoughts on “The Big Show 2012 : Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Seoul Day 1 (120302) – Fancams”

  1. I knew that YB’s ninjas fans wouldn’t disappoint.

    Here another from urthesun of LOAM/WD/WUA

    Read a fan account. It said YB did an amazing job. High energy, having fun, interacting with the crowd. Seemed like he just wanted to have a good time and just wanted to be back performing.

    Happy fangirl squeals time!!!! 🙂

      1. Haha. We’re all excited.

        I’ve no idea how he’s going to keep this up for 3 days. His voice was already straining during his solo ( but I suppose he’ll take care of that tomorrow – first days are usually rough.)

        Not sure I like the pace of his solos – all the arrangements seem sped up somehow and the emotion gets drowned out? Doesn’t seem to build to anything before the next one comes in.

        1. People were saying the whole concert seemed sped up. That it didn’t seem like the usual Big Show. Guess they had to make some changes for the world tour.

          And I have to admit now. I don’t hate FB as much after watching the live performance. But that’s because YB was a giant goofball during the entire thing. He looked like he had soooo much fun.
          And then the dancers after? Looks like somebody’s been sharing YB’s brownies. Haha

        2. His energy was great and we all know he’s a machine when it comes to dancing – just worried he’s not going to have a voice tomorrow.

        3. Yeah….he sounded great in the group songs from what I’ve seen. But his vocals during his solo were highly lacking. But like you said, first days are usually the worsde

          But fuccckkkkkk……I’m loving the WUA remix. I didn’t even need him singing. Just him dancing and having that swag from his face to his toes was enough. I want an official release of the song.

          And…..I’ve commented wayyyyyy too many times right now. Think it’s time for a break. Hahaa

        4. I think I may have shed a tear during WUA – man, he was getting it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him break it down like that. Nice way to change up a performance we’ve seen a dozen times.

  2. TAEYANG WHERE U AT NEW DANCE and BACKUP DANCER (his using BRATSON from KOREA) coz TAEYANG wearing their brand CAP


    1. Haha. Thanks! Yup. Monster Woo and YB go way back since when BB were trainees. (Remember when YB used to krump back in the day?) Woo Fam are awesome (Bucky – I have no words.) Monster Woo saw a photo of YB with a Bratson hat and they reconnected when Lyle was in Korea doing some work with YG Family. He was really happy YB loved his clothes.

      1. I know I said I wouldn’t comment again….but yeah……. 🙂

        So YB was swagged out in Bratson gear as well as having the Monster Woo family as his back-up dancers?

        alkfjdlkfjalkgjlfdgjla……it’s about time!!!! I want to see YB do more with them. Oh the memories of the krumpin days……

        1. And it makes sooooooo much more sense now. I KNEW it felt different from the typical YGE performance. But with Monster Woo behind it, I can totally see it now.

  3. if you’ve seen the fancams it seems like our boy has a real tattoo. You can see it on the ALIVE photos (tho it got kind of lost in the middle of the fake ones) and it’s still there. It’s on his right side and I like it.

    1. I’m so on the fence about this, but about to fall towards YB’s side.
      I’m generally not a fan of tattoos, especially huge ones like that.
      But damn……..YB is pulling it off like no one’s business. Me likey!

      And this is officially my last comment for the day! At least…unless new fancams get posted. 😛

  4. he sounded totally tired in his solos man…even in some group songs too… Taeyang pls hit those notes! lol. Even the other boys sounded like they were straining their voices too except maybe for daesung who sounded amazing the whole time. Love the concert concept, except that it’s really taking a toll on them, and you can hear it. (esp tae who has lots of singing parts)

    Taeyang’s dancing were super damn fun to watch btw esp fantastic baby. But i still don’t forgive him for not hitting those notes and not singing some parts! lol. Tae you better get enough rest. I still love you nonetheless. ❤

    1. It’s really not for lack of trying though – he was obviously giving it everything he’d got. He wasn’t in good voice starting out (probably being tired from rehearsals) and got progressively worse as the concert went on. I thought he compensated pretty well under the circumstances as there was no way he could have stayed on pitch if he tried to go for high notes. Top and GD were even worse condition than he was. I think they did well as they could under the circumstances without actual lipsynching. Show must go on after all and its not like any of them had a choice in the matter.

      To be fair, I think they all sounded much better on the 2nd day probably after resting a bit. Hopefully they get a break before their first Inkigayo recording.

      1. Yeap could totally see he was really doing his best on day 1 and true that he missed some parts because he knew he had to still be able to continue to carry the notes for other 9413453 songs nonstop. And i do love him for that, for doing his best under his situation. Smart guy. But I guess i’m a lil greedy? Really want him to always be in his best condition so that casual watchers who don’t understand his circumstances will be impressed always. Hee. 😀

        After all that crazy rehearsals they did due to the “professional” level that is required of them this time…no doubt they need a whole lot of rest after this.

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