Taeyang on Running Man, Big Bang’s Global Cover Contest & More

Taeyang with his bandmates in Big Bang had started to really go all out with the promos for their new album Alive. They recently filmed an episode of Running Man and Taeyang talked about the  experience. Big Bang also released a message on their youtube page about their new album as well as one on their new Global Cover Contest.

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Taeyang Talks About His Running Man Experience 

Big Bang‘s Taeyang commented on his experience on popular variety show ‘Running Man’, and how the show brought out his competitive side.

When the ‘Running Man’ games began, Taeyang is reported to have showed off his excellent athleticism as well as his extreme patience to stay silent when the opposing team members were looking for him. Apparently they had such a hard time that Haha, a regular on ‘Running Man’, screamed out Taeyang’s name in English, “Sun!”

Taeyang stated, “The game was harder than I expected. I planned on ripping off the name label of the Running Man as soon as the game started, but suddenly they went to a defensive position so I had to forget my plans. The time that I hid underneath the table felt so long that I couldn’t even breathe. When I came face to face with the ‘Running Man’, I was so nervous that I felt like my heart would explode, it was a totally different dimension.”

This episode of ‘Running Man’ will feature Big Bang and broadcasts on March 4th KST.

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Big Bang Reveals Their Global Cover Contest 

From YG: To celebrate BB’s big return, we’re having a special event right now! “2012 BIGBANG GLOBAL COVER CONTEST!!!” The winner of this contest will be invited to Korea! This is the time to show your love for BIGBANG! We look forward to your participation! Good Luck!

To participate just go here. Participants have the choice of covering either “Blue” or “Bad Boy” from the Alive album.

I know Taeyang has some supper creative fans who have done some amazing covers so I’m hoping to see some of them take part in this contest. Also, Taeyang’s English has gotten a lot better.

Big Bang’s Promo Message for Alive Album

lol you can tell this and the message for the cover contest were film in quick succession and probably the studio considering that Janet Jackson poster is in the backdrop.

More Official Concept Photos 

Not sure what this concept is suppose to be besides ugly but here are more pictures from the YG Big Bang site. 


13 thoughts on “Taeyang on Running Man, Big Bang’s Global Cover Contest & More”

  1. “Not sure what this concept is suppose to be besides ugly”
    You know I love you right? ❤

    Of course, YB speaking English always squeal-worthy in my book. 🙂

    And I really really really do hope YB fans enter this contest. We've all seen enough covers on YouTube to know just how talented his fanbase is. Not to toot their horns……but yeah. Hahaah

  2. “Not sure what this concept is supposed to be besides ugly” LOL those are my exact thoughts, didnt want to say it since I felt maybe I’m just being unnecassarily harsh, but apparently not, haha. 😛

    YB’s English is deffinitely improving. He just needs to stop pausing after every few words (I’ve noticed that this is just when he does video messages) it sounds unnatural like he doesnt know what he’s just had to memorize. It’s robotic and doesnt have a natural flow, like GD does. In time he’ll overcome this I’m sure, he’s already doing a good job for an amateur, so well done YB.

    Looking forward ro Running Man! I love that show and the boys featuring means double the love 😀

  3. hehehe. nice comment at the end, nearly didn’t catch it. x) do you guys know when tickets are going to be out for n.america show? i really dont want to miss it 😦

  4. Hahahaha, gotta agree that the concept photos aren’t that great =\ Though the album is really the main point, lol so i can look past it.

    can’t wait to watch the boys on “Running Man”, great show plus my fav on it – it’s too awesome!!!

    YB is definitely improving each and every time I watch vids of him speaking English, you’re getting there YB!

  5. I saw some gifs of him getting cornered haha. Big Bang has never struck to me as the sporty/athletic type like the 2pm boys so it’ll be interesting and awesome if they get to win against Running Man.(would be nice to have Ji Hyo on their team tho hehehe)

    I’m with those of you who are on the fence with the concept photos… It’s nice to see him have different poses this time around but yea I can’t help feeling it’s a bit too much on a personal level.

  6. is it me or our boy looks pale then the rest…??????????
    I just ordered my COPY of the ALIVE Album last tuesday , Living in sydney is not fun when it come to kpop stuff we always get it delayed.
    but am excited i want to go to korea, where do i sign up?

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