Big Bang’s ALIVE and the Bad Boy MV


The rest of the album after the cut.

Intro (Alive)


Love Dust


Ain’t No Fun

Fantastic Baby

Wings (Daesung Solo)

Song credits here. It’s on Itunes!

As with previous Big Bang EPs, Alive is more of a collection of songs exploring and melding different musical styles and ideas rather than a set of songs with an overall musical or lyrical theme. Delving into pop, rock, electro and some nods to r&b and hip hop, Big Bang sets out to display the various colors of the group and fans will find a little bit of something for everyone.  (Fans of their old hip-pop sound from their early years are still probably waiting for a return to those roots though. And from the looks of it, may be waiting a long, long time.)     There is enough of the Big Bang sound for old fans though, updated to match more current trends, and enough new twists to keep it from being a retread.

As we expected from the teasers, Taeyang’s vocals shine the most on Bad Boy and Ain’t No Fun.  He’s on his groove in these songs and it shows.  (But who am I kidding? I love him on all of them. In fact all of the members sound really good.) The rest of the songs are as always, catchy and an easy listen.  There are hooks aplenty and it remains to be seen which of the songs will be the break out hit to define this release.  A lot will depend on the live performances, and I for one, am waiting to see how the lives change my perceptions of the songs.  So which song do you think will be most popular? And which do you think should be?

(And a footnote about the Bad Boy MV, dayum – beanie>>bandana any day of the week and twice on Sundays.   He can even wear the shades. I think fans are willing to compromise.)

Thanks to oumae0025, kpopidolgroup10  for the uploads!


22 thoughts on “Big Bang’s ALIVE and the Bad Boy MV”

  1. I was thinking, it would be awesome if one day they could make an album of all their intros, from year 07′ to this day all intros are better then some songs (my thoughts) i mean, i always remember YB’s HOT album and his intro, it was awesome!! And Big Bang’s Stand Up too and of course from album Alive…
    ummm 😀 about songs = The only song that has entered into my ear is Bad Boy, it’s chilly and sweet, feets my style therefore, I give my vote to this song 🙂

    -“may be waiting a long, long time” …it sounds like never 😦 😦

  2. well imo,YB didn’t disappoint on his parts.i’m so proud.
    even in the intro he sounded so good or i’m just biased lol(his part is catchy so it helped)but my favorite YB parts in this album are blue,bad boy and ain’t no fun.but i love all of them tbh
    i’m satisfied with all the songs they’ve put in this,after that disappointing 4th album,my faith has been restored lol
    my favorite is badboy,but i think fantastic baby’s going to be a hit.

    1. agree with those songs u mention, and YB’s part in Alive (intro) is my fav too.
      his voice, his moves, his smile… in that MV… everything seems perfect to me !

      1. Me tooo. Lurrrve his voice in the intro. And I also agree that Fantastic Baby will probably be a hit in korea. It’s fun and catchy. I’m kinda curious to see how the dance/mv will look like.

  3. Video and song for Bad Boy were amazing! Taeyang looks exactly like Taeyang should in this video, SWAG without looking like he’s trying too hard… I also like the tattoos… it’s adds character. And to top it off, the falsetto sounded pretty damn good, he’s getting it!

    1. Agreeeee! I LOVE THE MV! (ahem) Anyway, watch it in HD… makes heck of a lot of difference. YB looks fantastic. (And they all sound amazing on Bad Boy) The only thing to make the MV absolutely perfect would be to have Boss in it. 😀

      1. Checked back in to see a shot at me?

        BM…..I’m hurt. Hahaha.

        But I’ll be back later tonight to add my always detailed, boring ass, long analysis of everything. 🙂

  4. I need to come back later.

    Can’t wrap my head around the album other than that it’s fucking amazing.

    Be back when I can express myself coherently.

    1. Decided I actually can’t write a legit analysis of the album, at least not one that can convey what I feel about it.

      I honestly believe that, as BB albums go, this is probably one of my favorites overall. While I don’t love all the songs, this album appeals to me a lot more than previous albums.

      And really, the only thing that even matters is that YB sounded like absolute perfection in EVERY fucking song. I was like a typical fangirl, squealing everytime I heard his voice, especially in the Alive intro and Ain’t No Fun. Not even gonna lie, he saved Fantastic Baby from being completely horrible in my eyes.

      But yup. Alive=YB sounding phenomenal=an ecstatic fangirl here. His job is done. Now on to the lives!!!

  5. When i first saw the fan pics of taeyang wearing the polka dot pants and beanie i thought noooooooo don’t do that!

    But my gosh, he totally rocked the clothes in the bad boy mv, loved his look! And the camera interaction?! omg dying out of happiness here. coupled with his freestyle dance in that mv…i am totally all over taeyang again. haha.

    HIS VOICE IN BAD BOY was so laid back and i loved the vibe, doesn’t sound like a try-hard. love love it so much! the rest of the boys sounded amazing too.

    1. Fantastic Baby sounds catchy. Has a style somewhat like party rock anthem during the chorus. Guess this song gonna be played like mad in clubs. Can totally see ppl rocking out to this song.

      Alive (intro) is one of my favs. One listen and it makes you anticipate the rest of the songs in the album and really keeps the spirit up. One of the best intros i’ve heard imo. Very tight.

    2. and i super love love dust! First listen doesn’t grab you. But the second and third will when you really listen to daesung seungri and taeyang’s smooth voices. so beautiful.

  6. since 2008 i became Taeyang fanboy… he never dissapointed me 🙂

    for me i love his SWAG and DOUGIE DANCE ALSO HIS VOICE on BAD BOY…

    Alive intro (finally Taeyang rapping again 🙂 eventhough i don’t know is it rap or fast sing…) hahaha…

    Ain’t No Fun remembering me Just A Feeling from SOLAR ALBUM… more like Just A Feeling version 2 🙂

  7. Bad Boy MV is just so swagaliciously awesome and GDYB look especially badass and swagged up 😉 (Thank goodness he wasnt dressed like he was in Blue)

    As for the album, as always its a well produced compilation of good music, with different genre’s. I love the album, already bought on itunes and on replay. GD continues to impress me more and more with his lyrical and composing skills, so much respect.

    And can I just say the intro is absolutely sublime – YB’s fast-singing voice is just sublime.

  8. My absolute fav part of Bad Boy is the bridge and YB’s falsetto. Ugh, what a breathe of fresh air! I can’t stop replaying that part over and over again. The mv for me is nice, not something I’m jumping up and down over, but good nonetheless.
    Listening to the whole album, I’m a little bummed there wasn’t more of that “hiphop foundation” YB was hinting at earlier, but considering it is a BB album, composed by GD, I had a feeling it would delve more into the electronic genre.
    THe intro ‘Alive’ was surprising, in a good way. I really, really loved YB’s part..kind of sounded like a modernized 70s/80s track (I think b/c of his higher register). I think my top 3 picks would have to be Bad Boy, Alive intro and Blue. Fantastic Baby is an awesome song to just dance all day long to (def a club banger lol), but I can’t listen to it for long before my head starts to hurt.
    I don;t know if this is b/c of my bias but I looove YB’s vocals in the album. I feel like his range has gotten a little broader, or maybe it’s that he has drastically improved singing in certain registers that maybe he hadn’t showcased before. Whatever it is, it’s making me ubbberrrr excited for his solo album!! Pumped.

  9. I’m really really digging Ain’t No Fun, Blue, and Bad Boy. I HAVE to say these three are my definite and immediate favs.

    YB sounds AMAZING in all his parts for the songs, and the boys were great with Bad Boy, they just really kicked ass in both the vocals and the MV. SO GLAD YB had no bandana, the beanies and the outfit in Bad Boy was really his look – full of swagger and casual, heh 😉

    I love Fantastic Baby too actually, I could see the song being a major hit in clubs, and I want to dance to it, LOL.

    Love Dust isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. The full song really made a difference, haha.

    Though I’m a tad bit disappointed that they didn’t (and maybe never?? BM? >.>) go back to their roots with this album, I could see glimpses of it and that’s good for me. The songs really do sound great, and music overall is definitely a step up from their 4th album in my book.

    Will buy the album when I get back home to Taiwan! 😀

    1. Forgot to add that I LOVED Alive too, YB’s fast singing/talking/rap? was just music to the ears. I must say BB does really well with their intros than their songs a lot of the time, not that it’s a bad thing, lol.

  10. I believe Blue, musically, is a mixture of 2NE1’s UGLY and Love Song, maybe even Tablo’s Tommorow so it’s a good one. BAD BOY is definitely a high point of the album, incorporates a little bit of gangster vibe with soft & sweet R&B vocals. I think my favorite is Fantastic Baby. I can’t stop dancing to this super upbeat track, especially the “boom shakalaka” part XD

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