Big Bang is Blue (MV)

Big Bang’s latest release “Blue” is really pleasant.  Simple, tuneful, catchy and singable, it’s a pop ditty that is instantly comfortable and easy on the ears.  It sounds like the more relaxed answer to 2ne1’s Lonely, and continues with the guitar driven pop-rock vibe that seems to be pervading the halls of YG Building nowadays.

That said, I think the greatest feature of the song is that it is sung by Big Bang’s 5 distinct voices in a way that brings out the color of each of the members.  The song is a particularly good fit for Daesung and should be a good direction for him to explore as he develops his own solo work.  Taeyang as always turns in a refreshingly nuanced vocal, shaded differently from his usual R&B groove, particularly on the bridge.  GD and Top also turn in more mellow versions of their signature rapping styles. But at the end of the day, I think most people are going to come away from this humming Seungri’s part on the chorus for obvious reasons.

Guess they figured GD running in an MV is a good omen for a hit song (not that this was going to be anything else aside from a hit.) Having the singers just  walking along with beautiful cinematography seems to be the latest thing from YG (Love Song, Lonely, Ugly) and this one looks like it has the same team behind it. It’s not a huge surprise but it is certainly pretty. But what is with Taeyang’s styling on this thing? Bandana? WTH? And those black and white skinnies have to gooooo…..


13 thoughts on “Big Bang is Blue (MV)”

  1. Wow BM. I swear, you hit the nail on my thoughts exactly!

    I was thinking this was a softer, more relaxed version of Lonely. Complete with the members either slowly walking around or standing/sitting in place while singing. The music video is simplicity at its best. Beautifully cinematography, like always. Nothing to detract from the lonely feeling of the song.

    The members all did great with the song. They all added their only color to their parts that blended and worked very well together. I felt the YB’s voice was extremely refreshing and pure/clean sounding, if that makes any sense at all. And just like you said, I found myself singing SR’s part after the song ended.

    Styling wise…….the bandana and the crazy print jeans are a definite Do Not Want on YB.

    And so I’m guessing they filmed more than one mv in NYC. Since fancams caught clips of a dance sequence and such.

      1. I figure since it was such a sad song it’s turned him mental and he’s expressing his sadness by wearing really sad, sad, sad clothes. Or its so sad he’s trying to make us laugh. Because it’s either that or he lost a bet with the stylists.

  2. LOVE the song! Love the MV! I’m happy, I mean I would’ve prefered to hear more of Daesung and Taeyang’s vocals but thats just me being biased about voice preferences.

    And oh dear lord I cannot agree more on the black and white legging/whatever things….no just no, not on YB. What is up with his recent random clothing…

    The bandanna isnt bad on him actually, its kinda reminicent of YB back in the day.

    1. “The bandanna isnt bad on him actually, its kinda reminicent of YB back in the day.”

      😀 that’s what i was thinking, instant thoughts about his early 2Pac wearing style ^^…and the way it looks, they are waaaay far from what they used to be…but hey! gotta do something fresh for new kids…

  3. Taeyang’s voice never fail to captivate me…
    I love the song right away!!!
    They are all so great.

    About the MV
    – I dont really feel the girl there (her expressions are blank most of the time).
    – Unlike other kpop boybands, BB once again prove that they dont need to dance in the MV to look so awesome !!!

  4. I’m so meh on this song and this video leaves much to be desired. Best thing about the song to me is Ri and Dae’s vocals. This song doesn’t really fit YB’s voice. This is the type of song I would leave on if it came onto my playlist but wouldn’t be out searching for. Waiting for better.

  5. But what is with Taeyang’s styling on this thing? Bandana? WTH? And those black and white skinnies have to gooooo…..

    AMEN, I really don’t like his styling, the other looks so fine but YB….I miss his old style so much 😦

  6. I almost cried when I saw YB wearing the bandana, because of when he used to wear them during the first year of their debut. And to think that now he’s grown and matured so much, that even during this video, I was able to catch a glimpse of the young boy he once was. It feels very nostalgic. And his vocals were on point, he didn’t push himself out of his range and gave the song a refreshing part.

  7. The Bandanna I can deal with for YB it is just those Zebra print pants through his look off just a bit. He looks good from the waist up. LOL!! I like the black leather jacket with the spikes. He is still trying to hold on to his hip hop look but I remember when behind the scenes, others are always trying to encourage him to change his look even if it’s a little. One of the stylist said Young bae is a simple guy.

  8. This song was just magical, the vocals were wonderful and the MV beautifully filmed. Daesung sounded amazing, YB was angelic, and Seungri did his part =))) I liked how GD and TOP’s rap mellowed down a bit, am I sounding way too biased? But I must agree with some who said about the bandana. I cringed when I saw how it was styled on YB, WHY!?!?!?! Other than that, I’m a real happy fan 😀

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