Taeyang’s Naver Playlist, CF and more Alive Concept Photos

As part of the Naver –YG joint promo for Alive, Naver is running a series called “Introducing Songs Big Bang Likes.”  Taeyang once again proves he is an old soul by recommending classics from pop, rock and R&B.

1.  Cho Yong Pil – Dream

Uploaded by zoozak

2.  Prince – Kiss

Uploaded by cdipre

3. Michael Jackson – Speechless

Uploaded by GigaAkalan

4. Queen –  Don’t Stop me Now

Uploaded by queenofficial

5. Cho Yong Pil – Song of the Wind

Uploaded by Rohkilsug

YG has also released Taeyang’s version of the series of 30-sec. BB CFs and more of his Alive concept photos :

From Naver app c/o twitter.


9 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Naver Playlist, CF and more Alive Concept Photos”

  1. I knew he’d have MJ and Prince. I think the world would have turned upside if those two artists didn’t appear on his playlist. Old-school ftw!!!

    And I have to admit. I’m loving the concept photos more and more. At first I like it but was still like wtf….but it’s really growing on me.

    I really like the Alive being shaved into his head. He’s rocking the pineapple hair like no other.
    Not a fan of the bones pants though. And really stylists? Couldn’t make the next tattoo even all over?

    1. Replying to you on the road just to agree about the pants – those are a crime. Especially when you find out that the set (with a sweater) cost more than $2000.

      Never mind the concept photos, I thought he looked great in the CF. And the playlist is not so much a surprise especially since DJ Dong has been really eclectic in his song recommendations.

    2. No offense but the pants are just awful, and if you look closely the word “alive” was not shaved into his hair its just spray painted on that way matches the winter theme.

    3. I just HAVE to agree with you on two things -those aweful pants…urgh, and the pineapple hair with the ALIVE imprint, I’m loving the hair more and more!

  2. YB loves Prince!! WOOHOO!! I feel like a bad fan bc the rest of you seem to have already known that, but I did not. Awesome! I will be sure to check out the rest of his playlist as well.

  3. Dont have anything to say about the concept pictures except o.O but whatever I dont really care about them. I’m just really excited for their return and loving DJ Dong’s playlist lol.

  4. I love the way he look!!! I think he look sexy and rugged at the same time. I am feeling his playlist also but I do have to agree with everybody about the pants though.Good thing he is so fine, his sexiness over power those pants. lol

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