Taeyang with Big Bang in Vogue Korea March 2012 – HQ Scans

Loving this boxing themed editorial Big Bang is doing for the March 2012 issue of Vogue Korea. Big Bang has done its fair share of interesting editorials in its time and this is one is a big favorite – funny, chic and hot! Thanks to YB Mania for HQ scans of Taeyang’s photos:

The full photoshoot is here.


8 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang in Vogue Korea March 2012 – HQ Scans”

    1. I’m starting to love the pineapple hair. After watching Healing Camp, I was surprised that it made him look cute as opposed to tougher or cool. Who woulda thought it?

  1. So I’m really starting to feel the “pineapple” hair. It’s like his Forever Hawk gone insane. I LOVE IT.

    He looks amazing in these photos.
    Gahhhhhhh the jawline in the first picture. I like the second picture except his outfit reminds me of something a creepy old man would wear. And I’m loving the third picture as well. The looks on his face just screams “I’m sexy and I know it” to me.

    He’s looking pretty confident in all of the pictures. Like he knows he just overflowing with sexiness. But not the overt type, the subtle type where you’re just like……WHOAAAAA

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