Taeyang and Big Bang are Blue and Alive on Naver

“Blue” will be out on February  22, the first song released out of Big Bang’s highly anticipated EP “Alive.” The concept has something to do with ice, resulting in the pleasant contradiction of TY being frozen and hot at the same time.

Apparently, every single song will be a “title song” which means we will get performances (and hopefully MVs) for each one during their promo period. The rest of the EP will be released on February 29.

As part of the run up to the EP’s release, YG is releasing a whole lot of teasers through a special Naver smart phone app (unfortunately only available to Korean residents.) Here is Taeyang’s version of a promo video for the app.

Uploaded by RealYB88

Curious about what else Taeyang is jamming to on his phone in those crazy pants? Naver will release Taeyang’s playlist on February 21, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang and Big Bang are Blue and Alive on Naver”

  1. I must say I’m loving the accentuated mohawk more and more! has he shaved the bottom of his head to spell ‘ALIVE’? Looks brilliant.

  2. Damn! Aight! okay. I like this concept photo better and that little video clip….He still is hot!! Those handsome eyes and beautiful full eyebrows! my weakness!! I have a good feeling about this new album!! I wonder if they still here in New York?

    1. They’ve been back in Korea for a few days. They were already seen filming a CF at Incheon and are likely working hard for the comeback and on putting the world tour together.

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