And the Alive concept picture is out!

Looks like pineapple hair and fake tattoos it is! (The quilted jacket is not helping that pineapple impression either.)

I like that he’s obviously taking some risks with this and just having fun with an out-there concept. (I don’t think I could take another black leather jacket or hoody.) He’s lost some weight too, so that is a plus.

Remembering YB predebut and when he just started with BB (afro, dreadlocks, piercings and all) I’m kind of happy that he’s trying stuff out again and not staying too safe. Given that BB has its roots in somewhat nutty fashion for its time and he did like playing dress up when he was younger, it seems like he’s gotten a little of that playfulness back.  (Considering he was the guy who played Marilyn in Dirty Cash to practically refusing to wear the wig for his small Secret Garden parody role, he’s been getting more and more serious with time.) The concept photo is an unexpected change and consistent with him being random all of last year.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more “looks” in store for the rest of the comeback.

And it’s NOT a profile shot. Haha!

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30 thoughts on “And the Alive concept picture is out!”

  1. To all those who are shocked – remember it was meant to be a shocking photo. In real life, he’s still this guy:

    (Taken yesterday at JFK)
    One thing I sense about this is that he is drawing a firmer line between Taeyang in BB and Taeyang the solo artist by making the image in both distinctly different from each other. From the looks of it, his solo will likely be more mainstream R&B tone than it has been before so I expect a more mainstream R&B look there too. But for BB at least, he’ll want to go along with the rest of what the group and their stylist has thought up.

    1. I agree.

      We’ve seen him do some weird things with BB that he would never attempt as a solo artist.

      He’s shown that the Taeyang in Big Bang IS NOT the same as Taeyang the solo artist.

  2. Aside from the huge tats, I’m actually loving this. Well actually, I don’t really mind the chest tattoo, is the neck one that I’m not feeling.

    I’m surprised he committed to this. Looks like YB’s getting out of his shell and trying new things. Not running from the stylists I see. But it’s a good thing.

    But YB is rocking this whole photo. Frontal shot. Piercing I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck eyes. Loving the Hawk with a twist. Curious to see what the design in it is.

    Man…..he is really looking HOT!!!! Hahaha
    My sisters saw it and thought the same thing. We have good taste. 🙂

  3. I have a violently negative reaction to this photo. Horrible Reaction. Those fake tats are horrible. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows how much I don’t like this concept photo. No a positive word to say except that maybe next time will be better.

    1. Cannot agree more…but as above said, what he does and how he concepts himself in Big Bang is very much toned down from solo activities. And knowing that he is a perfectionist to the point of being a dick, I would think he and the stylists had hashed this out plenty and this is what resulted. I just wish he didn’t have his hair like that. And those I tats are effing horrendous…can’t please everybody. But support, you know we’ll give it.

    2. I’m not digging the tattoos either. I mean if you’re gonna have tats….at least they have to be real. I dislike the idea of ‘the concept’ in Kpop. Why can’t they just be real, honest artists. Because I know YB so well, I know he’s still the really sweet guy that he is…but if I didn’t, this image would’ve sent the wrong idea. Abs are okay…air is acceptable…but tats…YB you’re trying too hard.

  4. Cant lie..i’d love any concept YB rocked…i just could not dislike this guy if i tried! There is so much “concept negativity” going around lately, im kinda ashamed to read any news these days…esp after all that “come back as 5” crap those same people were posting fanatically about earlier this year! smdh

    as for me…i cant effin’ wait to hear the new cd!!

  5. I think he looks sexy. I don’t like tattoos that much, so his chest, neck and shoulder are are no-no for me, but that stare…damn. I’m really excited for this album, I wonder what’s in store for people.

  6. Love YB, dislike this new concept. After looking at if for a while, my eyes are getting used to it…but still…not the look I thought he would go for. However at the end of the day, fashion is only a temporary thing, and watching some of the fancams of him (like the gif bluemaid posted), he is still the goofy, loveable guy that I adore, so I will probably just look past it.

    Random, but that jacket he’s wearing irks me. LOL. He should’ve either put it on, or taken it off… And I’m done. I’m actually MUCH more excited for their new music more than these concept photos.

  7. Hella of a “BAD BOY” image….. is like “come n get me girl” 🙂 I can’t deny is SHOCKING!!! when you see it for the first time but I will run to go and jump on him hahaha

  8. LOL!…haha, wow I really dislike this picture so much that it’s funny. I think the reason why I’m laughing instead of being dissapointed is because I know YB is experimenting with new things but I can’t help but wonder is it really necessary? Kind of reminds me of his corn row hair and piercing days (I still have mix reactions to it) As a hardcore fan I can never dislike him but I like him best when he’s being himself and I think I prefer solo Taeyang over BB Taeyang because I think he is more himself when he’s doing his own music.

    Having said that I also think he genuinely has this wacky side to him like the one this picture shows, that hidden side we all have. All in all, I hate this picture but don’t really care, can’t wait for the comeback!

    Although I do like the pineapple hair! 😀

  9. It’s strange…. I am not used to see YB like that, but it’s quite cool at the same time. Anyway it’s just a temporary concept, I really don’t like the concept idea in Kpop.

  10. Looks a bit photoshopped, like the cross chain thing and the abs look air brushed. Not so bothered, Big Bang always push the evelope with music and concept…at least hes not in cornrows or anything. It could have been worse i reckon. Once he goes back to his solo he will go back to his swagger concept =)

  11. Peeps dont worry..the Tats are definitely fake ok !!! not to worry much !!! if u have seen the leaked vid on youtube where they were all filming for their new MV in NYC, YB didnt have those tats around his neck, so yea its definitely fake !! and his concept is temporary just for the purpose of BB’s new concept comeback for ALIVE..after all YB is still the oldself YB =) he is still the down to earth, mr nice guy that we all knew him since his debut =) VIP FOREVER !!!! Rock it Bae Bae

  12. gosh i must be in the minority to really really love his hair right now? haha. he looks sooooooooooo HOT! hot damn. thought the pic is sizzling too, fake tats and all.


    i must have missed him too much. haha.

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