Preview of SBS Healing Camp … with TY’s new look

And the new hair is…

Basically the old hair, hahaha. Just less pointy and more Edward Scissorhand-y. I can see how it can be styled a number of different ways though, so we might be in for a few surprises yet in the course of the BB comeback. Waiting on those concept photos now….

The rest of Big Bang will be joining GDragon and Daesung On SBS Healing Camp, February 20 at 11:15pm KST on SBS. Full preview here.


22 thoughts on “Preview of SBS Healing Camp … with TY’s new look”

  1. His hair kind of looks like it was cut to be a longer style and then they put it it up. Wonder what it looks like worn down… or does he ever do that?

    Still cute though.

    1. Reminds me of when GD put his bowl cut into a Mohawk.

      But I think we all still pretty much expected it to not stray too far from the Forever Hawk.

  2. It looks a bit out of control. But honestly I dislike all of the new hairstyles… maybe falling for Tabi’s blue a bit when it’s styled. But unlike other VIPs, hair is last on my priorities list lol can’t wait for the full episode and some music!!

  3. I kinda love this hair! need to see more though 😀

    I have to say I was feeling a bit anxious about a drastic hairstyle like an unorthodox hair colour like TOP,lol. I was worried coz with YB I always feel that ‘less is more’ is the best.

  4. the face is what made it all together hahaha. i like it. i want to see it down as well! will it be like the bowl cut that gd did before x) hahhaaa

  5. Omg guys!!!! I’m freaking out!!!! I just saw a leaked picture of Taeyang’s concept pic!!! I thought it was fan made but the more I look at it, the more it looks real. There are things on his chest that weren’t there at first! I’m sorry for the spazz but I’m freaking our right now!!!

    1. Haha. Yup. We’re going to post on it when its official though since it could still be switched at the last minute but it looks real enough.

    2. the face (his eyes), the hair, the abs are true, the fake one is that tattoo >>> at first i was shocked but seriously he looks so hot in that pic…
      & i’m not so happy that the teaser was leaked out… anyway, thinking of it as a valentines gift made me feel a lot better !!!

    1. dont worry i super uber love it too.
      although i love YB when he’s just being simple n himself, but this is showbiz we talking about.
      the old hawk will come back someday i believe but let’s all enjoy this while we can. he is letting loose, we all should too right?

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