(Updated with Eng Subs) Taeyang cameos on Kpop Star

Taeyang and 2ne1’s Minzy joined YG President Yang Hyung Suk on the February 12 Episode of SBS’ singing competition Survival Audition – Kpop Star to give the 2nd round contestants being mentored by YG some advice on performance and stage manner.

Thanks to YGSRASubs for the upload and subs!

More below the cut.

The show also shared some unaired clips on Daum:
Uploaded by MenuExit098

This is the second time Taeyang has appeared on the show. He also briefly gave some feedback to the first round of YG contestant-mentees in the earlier January 29 episode. Royal Aces subbed the cut:


8 thoughts on “(Updated with Eng Subs) Taeyang cameos on Kpop Star”

  1. Competition is heating up on the show and a lot of contestants are going to get cut in the battle audition (the contestant in the first clip with TY was cut in the first battle audition.) I don’t know if that means YG will get a new batch of mentees again for another week but I’m guessing TY and the BB boys will be too busy with comeback related activities for another appearance.

  2. Seriously. Is YB really the older one here? He’s such a goofball. He acts like a little kid in the Kpop star clips.

    And YB fanboy! Yay!!!! Hahaha

    But I need English subs NOWWWW!!!!!

  3. THIS is why this man has been my bias for so long. So fierce and sexy on stage, such a warm and adorable person offstage. I think my favorite part was one of the unaired clips where YB leans in right before the mentee plays Haru Haru lol she is fangirling like crazy. And unrelated, but damn that cover was really good.

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