Taeyang and 2NE1’s Minzy to give 1-day lessons to SBS Kpop Star contestants

“KPOP STAR” Taeyang + Gong Minji give one-day lessons… “I used to be bad at singing, too” 

Big Bang’s Taeyang and 2NE1’s Gong Minji are coming out as vocal trainers for a one-day lesson.

On the episode airing this coming 11th on SBS ‘Survival Audition – KPOP Star’ (also known as “KPOP Star”), Taeyang and Gong Minji are expected to make an appearance for one day as vocal trainers for YG Entertainment training.

With the two of them suddenly coming into the picture, it it said that the mood of the filming site rose with heat. The two will be training each contestant with a ‘1-on-1 one-point lesson’ strategy, unlike the first round of training they had before.

First, Taeyang will be training the contestants in dance, singing, stage manner, and the general key points with his own demonstrations as he encourages them with detailed advice. He was even able to help each contestant with their flaws, surprising even the staffs of the show.

Gong Minji has also helped train with the singing of the contestants with less confidence in themselves, stating, “I wasn’t really able to sing when I first came into training as well”, giving her own advices from previous experiences.

The ‘KPOP Star’ staff were able to share that “Taeyang and Gong Minji’s lively lessons gave the contestants much encouragement and support” and that “these contestants will surely put these lessons to use when the new ‘battle audition’ and third round training comes up”.

The ‘battle audition’ and third round training will be soon be aired following the new episode on the 11th.

Source: Nate, bigbangupdates
Translation: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

Can’t wait to see this episode and how Taeyang interacts with the contestants. And I’m also very curious about what’s under his hat. Also, for those who don’t know Taeyang and the rest of Big Bang are in New York shooting a music video, so New York fans be on the look out.


5 thoughts on “Taeyang and 2NE1’s Minzy to give 1-day lessons to SBS Kpop Star contestants”

  1. YB looks soooooo swagged out compared p everyone else on the show. Hahah

    I’m excited to see YB in a position like this. I’ve always thought that he would be an excellent mentor in this industry. And from the staff’s comments, it looks to be the case.

  2. hahahaha YB lookin’ so pro in the second pic. He would be an excellent mentor, and looks like he definitely is one, if he surprised the staff with his comments. Heheh

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