Big Bang Going on a World Tour (Updated!)

YG Entertainment just released that Big Bang will be holding a world tour later this year!

Exact dates haven’t been forthcoming but they are partnering up with Live Nation. According to sources, there will be  25 city stops!

According to

We’ve just been informed that Big Bang will be holding their very first world tour, titled ‘ALIVE TOUR 2012‘ this year through Live Nation.

Fans will finally have their wishes come true, as the 5-member boy band will make various stops at different cities. Our sources at YG Entertainment have informed us that Big Bang will perform in 25 cities in 16 countries.

From March 2nd to the 4th, Big Bang will open their world tour in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. Following these shows, the group will tour 16 countries, 25 cities, in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

By working with Live Nation, the tour will be brought to a higher level in terms of the scale of directing. As Live Nation has helped world tours for Madonna and U2, Big Bang is the first Asia singers to earn the help of Live Nation with the joint investment and production team. Live Nation is recently a promotion agent for K-pop singers in 1-2 regions in America and Europe.

Live Nation’s president, Alan Ridgeway, stated, “We are very happy that we are working with YG Entertainment and Big Bang to show [our work] to worldwide K-pop fans. If this performance is a good starting point for the Korea branch we established last December, we expect it to contribute to the K-pop fever expansion.”

It’s been confirmed that the producer Laurieann Gibson will be taking the lead position as director. Laurieann Gibson is a well-known director, choreographer, actress, and creative director. She is known most recently for directing Lady Gaga‘s ‘The Monster Ball Tour’, in addition to choreographing “Poker Face”, “Judas”, and “Telephone”. She has also worked with top stars like Michael Jackson,Janet JacksonBeyonce, and Katy Perry.

In addition, stage/lighting designer, Leroy Bennett, will help put in his efforts for the world tour as he has previously worked with Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Eagles. In addition, Ken Van Druten will work as the sound director, who has previosuly helped Eminem, J-Jay, and Linkin Park.  The visual contents producing team, Possible Productions, will also join in preparing for Big Bang’s World Tour.

YG Entertainment relayed, “We are in the process of preparing the world’s best concert with the best production team to equal the anticipation of the world fans who are waiting for the first concert they will get to meet Big Bang … With the newly released album and the starting of the worldd tour, you will be able to confirm Big Bang’s maturity and skill.”


cr: source: YG Life Blog, allkpop, bigbangupdates

OMG!!! I’m so excited! I know we’ve been hearing hints about this but now it’s confirmed!! Hoping they come to my city!

21 thoughts on “Big Bang Going on a World Tour (Updated!)”

  1. I completely freaked out when I heard! I know it’s been hinted at for a while but still a surprise!
    Finally get to see the boys live 😀 Now I just have to hope they come to the UK and it’s not during exam period *prays*
    I don’t think I’m getting any sleep tonight, I’m too hyper….who needs sugar when you have big bang 😉

  2. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD….I literally almost peed myself when I saw this.

    Finally able to see YB performing in person? Fucking insane!!!!!

  3. Happy for those luckky VIPS 🙂
    but I’m destroyed, according to the ticketing distributor my country is not included so the chances are almost nil T.T

      1. Yeah where can you see it? I live very near Europe so I would like to know which countries or cities they’re going to.

  4. Anyone wanna open their home up to me if they go to Chicago? I’ll open up my apartment if they come any closer to me!!!

  5. OMFG!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GAHHHHH!!! I’M SPAZZING LIKE MAD!!!

    But why Asia and not Asia-Pacific? D: Then at least I’ll be happy thinking YG’s put Australia into consideration… I won’t be back home in Taiwan whenever this world tour starts!!!

    Or I’ll think about bunking out at my sister’s place…. hmm

    But all this aside, I’m soo soo excited and happy by this news!!! For the boys too!!! 😀

  6. omg i am so happy & excited & happy yeah. im like running around the house with BB is going on a world tour ❤ ah men, i hope they come to the netherlands 🙂 thihi biggest fans of europe are HERE!

  7. I seriously died of happiness when I heard about this.. REALLYY!! Still think that I might dreaming lol

    Live Nation!!! My Country is included!!!! REALLY HOPES FOR THE BEST!!! Of course I’ll go no matter if my country is included on the tour or not, but STILL!! Gotta save money, like NOW. D:

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