Bravo Music Shows!

To celebrate the major Korean broadcasters making (some) music show performances officially available on youtube: A recap of 2010’s Solar performances (and then some).

Massive video post under the cut:

Kudos to MBC in particular for  finally uploading Taeyang’s most recent Music Core performances in glorious HD on its official channel, and to SBS for going all the way back to 2008. (These aren’t all the performances by the way, just what has already been uploaded at the time of this posting.)

100701 Mnet MCountdown!, INAG

100703 MBC Music Core, Comeback: Solar, INAG

100703 MBC Music Core, Just a Feeling

100704 SBS Inkigayo, YM and INAG

100709 KBS Music Bank, INAG

100710 KBS Music Core, INAG

100711 SBS Inkigayo, INAG

100716 KBS Music Bank, INAG

100717 MBC Music Core,  INAG

100718, SBS Inkigayo, INAG

100725 SBS Inkigayo, INAG

100731 MBC Music Core, INAG

100801 SBS Inkigayo, INAG

100814 MBC Music Core, INAG

100821 MBC Music Core, IBT

100822 SBS Inkigayo, IBT

100828 MBC Music Core, IBT

100829 SBS Inkigayo, IBT

100902 Mnet MCountdown!, IBT

100903 KBS Music Bank, IBT

100904 MBC Music Core, IBT

100905 SBS Inkigayo, IBT

KBS Star Date Interview

100911 MBC Music Core, IBT

100912 SBS Inkigayo, IBT

100918 Music Core, IBT

SBS KPOP Super Concert, WUA and IBT

And for good measure: SBS even has some of the his older performances

080601 SBS Inkigayo, LOAM

080615 SBS Inkigayo,  LOAM

080629 SBS Inkigayo, LOAM (volume is low)

080706 SBS Inkigayo, LOAM

080713 SBS Inkigayo, LOAM

091025 SBS Inkigayo, WUA

091115 SBS Inkigayo, WD

091129 SBS Inkigayo, WD

091206 SBS Inkigayo – WD

091213 SBS Inkigayo, WD

I am super, super excited that these are being made available officially albeit in varying quality (though these are sure to get better with future uploads.) Maybe we won’t get them that quickly compared with the fan uploads, but there’s no mistaking the difference in quality for the HD ones.  And no risk of being taken down!  Plus it comes before the next round of promotions which is just excellent.

I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but the sound for Music Core in particular is amazing on these uploads.  Maybe there really is a difference in the broadcasted sound (vs. video recording that is uploaded directly on YT.)  I begin to see the frustration of fans who compare what they hear live with what they eventually hear (and see) on TV.  Thank goodness for YB Fans and their fancams.

12 thoughts on “Bravo Music Shows!”

  1. Too tired, or I’d actually watch all of the videos now.
    But my first though was, “Yay!!!! YB in HD!!”

    Watching a couple of them now. Man, just realized how much I’ve missed YB performing. Like his JUF performance. Or the IBT performance where he’s looking all spaztastic sexy in the long-sleeved white shirt. I remember how much I spazzed during that performance.
    Oh the memories. Hahah

      1. The Music Core ones are really head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality. I don’t know if its the quality of the upload, the broadcast, the sound system or whatever else – the videos are awesome.

  2. bravo bluemaid! u make it easier for us to go back to YB’s specious moments ^-^ i really miss some of those & im spazzing now 😀

    1. The best part of it is not having it taken down after a while (most of our original posts for those performances dont have the videos any more since the yt accounts have all been suspended.)

  3. eeks. yea. i want NEW STUFF BAE !! anyways! guys! have you guys seen this? sooooo adorable! and taeyang’s super cute smile !!

    don’t know how to attach video but so cute! i can’t stop repeating this!!

    1. oh, i guess i just attached it without knowing hahah! sweeeet~ kekeke ^^ i want to meet him one day!! eeeks! ok. good night hahah.

  4. Gahhhhh!!! OMG the memories… It’s all coming back to me, I feel tears coming *sniff*

    ‘kay, that was a bit melodramatic, but even just seeing the links and the motion stills… I realised how much I miss seeing YB perform.

    With the Internet back home quite slow and lags often that I need to click refresh infinite times.. I think I’ll wait until I return to my uni dorm that provides high-speed Internet to spazz and be all nostalgic before the semester starts, hahahahahahahahahahahha.

  5. It’s been forever since I’ve commented here!

    Watching these videos makes me miss Taeyang even more.
    I need that “promised” solo album by summer time.

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