Finally some dates…

It’s been like pulling teeth, but we’re finally getting some dates y’all: Big Bang drops their Korean album February  29 and their next Japan album on March 28.

They will be holding Big Show on March 2-4 in Korea and all throughout May and June in Japan.  (May 18 will be in Aichi Prefecture at the Nippon Gaishi Hall. For those planning ahead, might be a good idea to go to that one. 😉 )

G-Dragon has also mentioned in a recent High-Cut interview that solo releases are planned for the summer  from himself and Taeyang.  (Well summer should have a lot of sun after all…)  Knowing YGE’s option for keeping the dates flexible, we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.  (Technically, there is still Summer in December… in Australia.)

Thanks to bigbangupdates for the news and scan.

13 thoughts on “Finally some dates…”

  1. Incidentally GD spoke about YB a bit in the High Cut interview: The Interviewer asked GD if he diets/ takes care of his weight. GD says that he does these days but it doesn’t come off as well as it used to. YB told him it was related to advanced age. GD implies that he and YB are the same and are both trying to lose weight.

  2. i can’t wait for EVERYTHING that’s going on !! I bet they’re so excited themselves to show everything they got !!! year of the mighty dragons, will our boys do well this year with no big rocks in the middle of the road!!

  3. Hahahah, loved that mention of summer in December in Australia bluemaid, LOL

    I haven’t been commenting on ATY for a long haul, but have been lurking and reading all the updates. It’s so great to finally get some dates on when the boys are making a comeback. =)

    Hope this year of the dragon is a blessing for the boys! Especially the dragon boys GDYB! Hopefully we’ll get to hear a teaser from the tracks soon…. hehe.

    1. Hello there! I’ve been missing your comments too and I figured you were just taking a “vacation” while things were slow. Hope things are well with you and we’ll have lots of good news to spazz about again soon 🙂

      1. Thanks for the well wishes, bluemaid~

        2011’s been a wheel of dramas and ups and downs for me as much as it was for the boys.

        I would love love love to go to their Japan concert, but alas it’s when I have my exams… le-sigh~

        Not to mention their Korean Big Shows always happen when my semester starts… Hard to plan out a visit when Australian schedules are so different from the Northern Hemisphere, hahah.

  4. i just wish yg would just tell us if taeyang is going to have a concert or something in june/july! im planning my trip over there soon!

    1. i wish i can see the future. cus i just want to know if Taeyang will have a solo concert this year. i will want to plan for that one. if not, i would have to try and plan for the concert in nagoya on his birthday. but alas i can’t foresee the future.

      1. I am totally in the same situation. Grrr. I wish we had a little more information so we can plan ahead (or unlimited vacation time and money, but alas, that’s not the case either.) Given their schedule, I’m not too hopeful he will have a solo concert at all this year but if there is a chance of that, I don’t want to jump the gun and fly to see Big Show already since I can’t see both. Plus if there is a world tour…. what to do?

        1. yes BM. we are really in the same situation indeed. cus if i need to travel to see him, i can only plan for one. i already sacrificed big show in seoul in the hope that YB will have a solo concert later this year. but if they are really going for a world tour, how will he have time to squeeze that in.. being at big show on his birthday will be kinda memorable but then again what if he does have a solo concert later on? i kinda hope though that he does come my way if BB has a world tour. i’d still go for his solo concert in seoul no matter what. it’s my ultimate dream.

          by the way, i’m not too sure how japan concert tickets work.. do you happen to know how to get tix for bs in japan? in case, i try and i get, i might just go haha, and then slog and save for his solo concert lol.

  5. Nice to know the news from GD, not from any rumor or guessing
    & no matter when it comes, in June/July/August, at least it’s worth waiting…
    Probably GD & Taeyang wont do solo activities at the same time but still want to see GDYB perform together…in one song maybe.

    I bet it will be extremely hot in this summer & we would be able to see Taeyang ripping his top on stages ^^ (sorry for fangirling too much)

  6. I knew it!! YG always poles crap like this!! 1st it was feb. 3! Now feb. 29! I know it was too good to be true when it was annonced for
    Feb. 3! But whatever… Woo!

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