[Blast from the Past] LOAM on MCD 080626

While waiting for YGE  to unfold his parade of teasers leading to the Big Bang comeback and more substantial news on the 2012 plans for the YG Family…a look back to the excitement that was 2008…

Photo heavy post ahead.

Photos as tagged c/o YBMania.

10 thoughts on “[Blast from the Past] LOAM on MCD 080626”

  1. Oh man, am I the only one getting teary-eyed? Oh how far YB has come. From his rookie BB days to LOAM YB to now. Went from being a member of an idol group to being a critically acclaimed and respected solo R&B artist. Who would have expected that the little boy who burst in YG’s office and scolded YG for never getting back to him would turn into the fine young man that we see in front of us? (I say that like I’m so much older than him. But that’s the fanmom in me I guess. Haha)

    To see how far he’s come is actually mind-boggling tbh. To actually be able to say that I witnessed this is amazing to me as well. I would never have imagined that he’d come so far in such a short time. And he’s so young, he has his whole life and career ahead of him. I hope that I’ll still be able to witness his next set of triumphs as well, since I’m positive it’ll be nothing short of outstanding. With a love for music such that he has, YB is sure to prove himself even better as time goes. With his passion and determination, the sky’s that limit for YB.

    Oh and BM….loving the pic spam! The first 4 with bashful YB are just adorable. And the 3rd one has a special place in my heart. Puffy-faced YB is always a WIN in my book. ❤

    1. believe me you are not the only one

      I love how the pics show his charisma on stages and his forever angel smiles. Maybe that’s why I always feel the innocence even in his sexy performances, which made a big WIN in my heart from the start.

      And more to say, honestly i prefer YB’s looks back then ‘cuz i really miss the old black mohawk 😀 [besides, i think his current hair & outfits make him look shorter]… anyway to me, YB is already the symbol of passion & perfection.

      anticipating for BB’s (& YB’s) upcoming album !!!

      1. omgsh you said EVERYTHING i wanted to say hahaha! i like his old mohawk too..so much cleaner and it seems less work to keep it up (appearance-wise). in your words, cleaner 😀

    1. meh, I’m surprised it even made it into the MV. Since lyle used that as a training piece for Kim hyun Joong’s dancers as well as the YG dancers. never thought it would be part of a mv or performance piece for a kpop act.

  2. oh.. i missed his old mohawk. Much shorter and clean..
    and is it YB pout his lips too much these days.. his lips seem to be thicker now><

  3. Looks like he had fun 😀 I like how they didn’t put that stage makeup on him that they usually use. He’s pretty enough on his own, hehe.

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