[Twitter] Bears are Awesome

So sayeth Taeyang on twitter. And is he just fooling around in his usual random way or trying to hint at something? Guess we’ll find out when we next see him.

And apparently his alter-ego goes by the name of “Mr. Teydaddy…”

Update: Photographer Oh Jeong Seok shares more photos of Mr. Teydaddy:

Looks like it really is for a photoshoot…


Last 2 photos from @geniusoh on twitter (via shinhdeplol on soompi)

11 thoughts on “[Twitter] Bears are Awesome”

    1. Maybe it’s a shout out to Teddy? (hehe, corny I know…) Maybe its part of BB’s MV concept (where they are bank robbers with big stuffed animal heads?) They’re giddy with lack of sleep and are just fooling around?

      Or maybe he’s just a big tease and is hiding his hair….

  1. panda ones are SOOO ADORABLE!! ahhh
    did you guys see his picture..that seems like his hair is…gone? !!! wonder how this is going to end up!! ahhh! i just want their comeback NOW!!

  2. i think i will refer to him now as YP…”young panda”. *goes into elmyra mode* i wanna hug him and sqweeze him and love him into itty bitty pieces!!!!

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