7 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Official Page on the YG Family Site”

  1. Hmmmm…aside from the first sentence in his “About” part sounding weird, at least the English is sooooo much better.

    And wow….they even have the old school artists like Masta Wu and Perry. So surprised at that one.

  2. Is this the REAL REAL fan site? Because I really wanna know YB’s Address or something so I can write him!!

  3. How can we send a lyrics of song to taeyang.. my friend made it and she wanted to give it to taeyang… it is in ENGLISH but taeyang can speak the language. we are from phillipines and we just want to hear taeyang singing a song we can understand.. thank you

  4. Looks good! I like that it clearly states his song writing/ music composing capabilities, because not everyone knows that he contributed a lot to composing his solar album :). And it rightly states that ‘fans are anxiously waiting for more’. Yes we are very anxiously waiting for his next album!! lol.

  5. Every now and then me and my friends searching for new songs of TAEYANG in YouTube.. We want to hear new song from TAEYANG, new music video.. If possible he can sing it in English..

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