Taeyang at YG Family Concert in Saitama (120122) – Fancams

Second day at the YG Family concert in Saitama (see fancams from the first day here.)


More under the cut


My Heaven

Hands Up

Tell Me


Thanks to the wonderful fans who shared their fancams with us!

Here’s a fancam of Se7en singing “Somebody Else.”

Fancams from YBMania0fficial.

15 thoughts on “Taeyang at YG Family Concert in Saitama (120122) – Fancams”

  1. I swear. YB makes me fall in love with him even more. Didn’t even know that was possible.

    Tomorrow-TaeBlo continues to just slay each performance they do. Haven’t seen a bad one yet. TaeBlo is ❤

    Lonely-YB holding his own with 7DaeRi. I better not hear anything about him not being able to sing. Eff that crap! My favorite part was actually the end when 7DaeRi harmonize and then YB comes in with his part. Gave me chills.

    My Heaven-He is officially the new fanservice king of BB. Jumping down and running to the crowd? They went freaking crazy when he did that. I loved his energy. He was just having fun fun fun. And it makes me wonder how much crap he gets from the stylists for always throwing his clothes into the crowd

    Tell Me-I miss YB's rapping 😦 He did a really good job with his part. Shocked me that he was still able to rap so well so fast. Hyper YB yet again. Showing that he can dougie for a whole song. Hahah. And YBSe7en love!!! 🙂

    Teddy Bear-This was just so full of win. So freaking adorable!!!! My newest favorite clip.
    I was actually wondering when he would throw the YGFamily jacket into the crowd. And then he does. And teasing the crowd by pretending to take off his shirt? Meanie YB. And I thought it was hilarious that he asked to borrow his jacket back to take pictures with it. Didn't think that one through did you YB? Haha
    And I spotted some TaeBlo interaction. This bromance might seriously replace T-Squared. Teddy better watch out!!!
    And the teddy bear! And him trying to get his banner from his fan but it wouldn't reach. And the teddy bear!!!! AND THE TEDDY BEAR!!!! Adorkable YB is stealing my heart again!!!

    I loved that YB made sure to remember where his individual fans were. He threw multiple items into the same area, I'm sure because he knew he had fans there. And then he threw his scarf at the girl holding his SOL placard. And then he tried to get his banner from his fan to take pictures with.

    1. I know! A YBM member was spazzing because he pointed her out in the crowd, made eye contact and gave her a YG concert ring on the first day. (I guess it helped that she had their “Awesome Taeyang” banner with her. Lesson for concert goers — they notice the signs, make’m huge.)

  2. What a great group of fancams! There was something random and cute in all of them. Especially the last one with the bear and him having to “borrow” the hoody he gave away for the final picture – hahaha. He looked like he was having a really good time. (And he makes a really good case for fighting for those front row standing area positions – going down into the audience and giving away stuff…)

    1. I swear. If I ever go to a BB/YGFamily concert, I’m making the biggest sign I can and fighting hard to get up front. YB’s making it seem like such a prize to be in the front row!

    1. It looks highly likely he is growing it out for some reason since its been awkwardly high (try imagining what it looks like down.) Perhaps he is preparing for another hairstyle change around the time of the BB comeback. (Which I have very mixed feelings about since I really like his faux/mohawk, albeit without the blonde. Taeyang and his forever hairstyle always sort of go together for me and I can’t imagine him in anything that would suit him better.) At any rate, let’s see what he looks like around the comeback time.

  3. omg TELL ME – ♥ Youngbae’s rapping 🙂
    i wonder how long he can stand still (without hands’ gestures too) lmao

  4. He’s so hyper! And I really hope to hear YB rap more in the future, he’s a boss at rapping, he never lost it, he still gots it! If he raps more and improves, dang he be a boss. Amazing dancing, singing, and rapping, dang swag overload! I wish to go to a BB or TY or YG concert in the future, it looks epic.

  5. any solmates going to bigshow 2012 better make your banners obvious cus Taeyang will know where his fans are.

    i went to last year’s bigshow. i didn’t make banners but i wore his solar hoodie. i was on the sitting section which BB came up to and he probably saw the hoodie i’m wearing cus he did have eye contact and gave his cheeky smile before he danced right there in front of me. i froze. thank God he wasn’t wearing his shades. his smiling eyes ❤

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