Taeyang co-wrote Se7en’s “Somebody Else”

Se7en released recently his Japan EP “Somebody Else” and seems like Taeyang was a co-writer and co-composer on the title song (along with Teddy, and Kanata Nakamura for the lyrics.)

Photo is from the album booklet c/o YBMania. As far as I know, this is the first time Taeyang has had song credits on a song outside Big Bang’s or his own work. So congratulations are definitely in order. So exciting! Looking forward to more…

Here are the translated song lyrics (from michiyeoga’s blog/jpopasia.com) The mini-album is available on Yes-Asia among other places.

Whose possession have you become?
You could have at least told me, you know
Coincidentally, I saw you two at the park where we made a pinky promise

All of a sudden, we became adults
I noticed PACE that we set out on different paths

His girlfriend (lover)
Even though I loved you for so long
Even though we’re closer than anyone

You chose him
Even though I’ll make you happy
Even though I could do it

The only thing I can do is look
If I hold you I will break it
So I’m waiting, I’m waiting
The sadness doesn’t end

Nobody knows my feelings
I feel like I’ll become messed up
If it was possible, I would want to tell you everything right away

The fact that you won’t come back anymore,
I understand
Now, I embrace our memories

I am just your SOMEBODY ELSE
friend, hey
If I can’t get you back
I don’t want the future

You seem happy, hey
If I can’t get you back
I don’t want anything

If I could protect you with a smile
I would be happy with just that
But if you went back to that time’s promise

Not me
His girlfriend (lover) hey
Even though I loved you for so long
Even though we’re closer than anyone

You chose him
Even though I’ll make you happy
Even though I could do it

Photocredit to YB Mania.

Update:  Here is the official MV of the Korean version:

16 thoughts on “Taeyang co-wrote Se7en’s “Somebody Else””

  1. First of all congratulations on Se7en’s new album after a 4 year absence from the Japanese music scene! Wishing him all the best in his promotions! (Those who are interested can follow his promotions on Cecilia’s excellent blog: http://ceciliase7en.wordpress.com/ )

    I suspect that TY may have worked with Teddy on the song in Korean first (and that version will come out in Se7en’s next Korean release) and that it was translated into Japanese.

    Figures that it’s another sad love song… TY seems to gravitate to that sort of thing naturally doesn’t he?

    1. From Soompi: http://www.soompi.com/news/taeyang-writes-first-nonbig-bang-song-for-se7en

      “Se7en’s latest Japanese single, “Somebody Else,” is written and composed by Big Bang’s Taeyang, making it the first non-Big Bang track written by him. Although the single was co-produced by YG’s main producer Teddy, Taeyang is attempting to expand his resume as a singer-songwriter through this track.

      Taeyang has written and composed several songs in the past, but they were all made for Big Bang or his own albums. He did write the lyrics for Lexy’s 2007 single, “Super Fly,” but he never composed a song for non-Big Bang artists. Some of the most popular songs Taeyang either composed or wrote the lyrics for include, “Where U At,” “Wedding Dress,” “Take It Slow,” “La-la-la,” “Good Bye Baby,” and “Just a Feeling.”

      Meanwhile, the song he wrote for Se7en, “Somebody Else,” is already looking to be a mega hit in Japan. Even prior to its release on January 18, “Somebody Else” had topped the pre-order sales ranking for Tower Records, Japan’s largest record sales chart.”

      Incidentally, Lalala was cowritten with the rest of BB so I don’t know why they had to include it in the list. I was surprised by Superfly though – never knew he had a hand in those lyrics (maybe he just wrote the part he sang?)

      Also, “Somebody Else” is the ending theme song for the FujiTV drama “Shimura Hotel” which has been airing since Jan 11. So yay – more people will hear it 🙂

  2. What great news! I makes me such a proud fanmom. *beaming*
    Not because I’m a fan, but the song is really good. It didn’t grab me right away, but it still keeps me interested. I wanna say that Taeyang’s songs are usually more simplistic, but they’re not because there are distinct verses and far from being the run-of-the-mill repetitive pop tracks out there. This Taeyang and Teddy combo really works for me because Teddy on his own isn’t focused or…edited?

    I gotta say, Se7en has such a lovely soothing voice. That Digital Bounce shizzz (-_-) didn’t do it any justice.

  3. This is really great. He should try new things, he will only grow from learning new things 🙂

    You can see both Teddy and Tae work in the song, this song is good for Se7en (digital bounce was kind of messy in my opinion, and didn’t do any justice to his voice). I’m really excited about this, hopefully Tae has been learning new songs and will show us all of it in his next album.
    It would be great if he also tried to work a little in Bigbang new album.

    Plus, it is great to see that this time, he also worked on the instrumental not only the lyrics. Really that is great news, keep the work Tae ! ^^

  4. not catchy, but certainly a well made song. can feel the sad feeling resounding in se7en’s voice in the track although there’s the strong club beat… the really emo start of the song when se7en’s sad voice could be heard with minimal music really draws you in.

  5. I was so happy to see Se7en return to the Japanese scene after so long. I really wanted him to have a decent song to come back with as well. When I first heard this song, I remember thinking how great it was. It suited Se7en perfectly and showed off his style and voice.
    And now I know why it was so great. It’s because YB worked on it. Makes so much more sense now! Hahaha. But seriously, YB did a great job. Seems to me, just like Teddy&Kush, YB&Teddy can do no wrong. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing a lot more from YB, in terms of a lyricist and composer, as the year develops.

  6. how did I just find out about this. Late to the party again. Anyway, I loved this song even before I knew that YB had anything to do with it – it’s a great pop R&B song that fits Se7en’s voice really well.

    In terms of YB helping out with the lyrics and compositions *tears* proud mama here. I’m happy to see him stepping out and doing some behind the scenes work, I knew he had it in him. Hopefully we see more of that in future projects.

  7. Youngbae banking in royalty money!! LOLOL, just kidding. To him music will always be greater than money. Keep working hard Youngbae, looking forward to your solo album! <333333333333

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