YG Family Concert in Japan – Fancams (Osaka, 120107-120108)

The YG Family Concert held in Osaka, Japan last January 7-8 successfully kicked off the start of official activities for Taeyang and the Big Bang members this 2012.  Fancams are usually much fewer for Japan concerts so we are lucky to have a couple from some dedicated fans:

Tomorrow – Tablo feat. Taeyang (120108)

More after the cut

Lonely  Japan version  (audio only, starts at 2:24) – Taeyang, Seungri, Se7en and Daesung

Thanks to 518mercuri and DSnaru3 for the uploads!

2 thoughts on “YG Family Concert in Japan – Fancams (Osaka, 120107-120108)”

  1. hehehe his expressions x)
    i cant wait to see more big bang soooon! then this site will be overflowing with news! yay!

  2. i don’t know if he had a lot more performances before tomorrow, but once again, taeyang seems out of breath :”( maybe need more breathing exercise tho i’m sure he is getting lots but ya =T

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