Double take: TY (fan) in Bangkok

As Taeyang heads off with Big Bang and the YG Family artists to Japan for their concert this weekend, let’s amuse ourselves elsewhere in the meantime.

Some of you may have already seen videos of the Thai Big Bang dance cover group Lollipop CZ with their uncanny TY counterpart in action. The group had a chance to impress kpop group 2PM and it seems like even they were surprised at the spot-on impersonation. Seems their “Taeyang” is really a TY fanboy in more ways than one…

Here are more videos of Lollipop CZ in action:

Thanks to nauy73, dancer8881 and pleetkung for the uploads and Dilani for the heads up!

18 thoughts on “Double take: TY (fan) in Bangkok”

  1. BM…..I swear, you must be a mind reader.

    I was just watching Lollipop CZ’s covers the other day when I was searching YT for YB videos. They’re really good. But the YB fanby is freaking amazing.

    You know how far you’ve gotten when even your impersonators have fans. Hhahaah

  2. i already watch him since 4 weeks ago… he’s trully AMAZING… Taeyang should watched this…

    send to TAEYANG… someone…

  3. when i first saw these… i had to look several times to make sure that really wasn’t him. asian folks all over are desperately waiting for a real asian rnb/pop star and taeyang’s gonna be a fucking icon. hell yes.

  4. Talk about commitment to the role. After doing his best to nail down the dance and clothing style and little mannerisms and hitting the gym, he’s even gotten the blonde recently:

    1. wow … this Taeyang fan boy resembles YB a lot… his mohawk… his height {LOL}… his abs and his gestures… !!!

    2. his voice though…

      Korean culture is unique. I think they are one of the few cultures where squeaky voices are less common, even for females and I like that, haha

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He Looks so much like Taeyang when he is dancing!!!!!! OMG! You would think he is Taeyang in motion. The dead give away is the other members. LOL! I saw this before and I was confused for a minute because I was trying to figure out who the hell was Taeyang dancing with! LOL! It is not in English so I did not know what they were saying. By the time the performance was over, and the guy had a chance to slow down, I was amazed!!! Excellent!

  6. Lmao I was like WOAH he’s a great impersonator! The only thing missing was his voice. When he spoke, I couldn’t help but laugh xD


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