Taeyang Cuts from the “Love & Hope Tour” DVD (Making)


More video below the cut.

Dance Rehearsal

Technical Rehearsal

Concert Performance

Taeyang’s Birthday

Many thanks to ybpotato (of sol-mate) for the upload!

Much of the footage has already been broadcast through YG On Air and Mnet’s “BigBangTV/2ne1TV” so there is not much that is new. But perhaps it is worth it to see YB rehearse while snacking on a banana. No? (I thought it was adorable myself.)

The concert DVD is available on YesAsia in 2 versions : Normal and Limited Edition. (The Limited Edition apparently includes an additional disc for “visual commentary.”)  As always, sound engineering seems much better than the Korean concerts (though I did think the camera angles were a bit odd.)


3 thoughts on “Taeyang Cuts from the “Love & Hope Tour” DVD (Making)”

  1. Hahaha even when I watched the clips last week, I thought YB dancing with the banana was the best of all the clips. How adorable was that!

    Oh, and the part where he threw his towel out specifically for the little fanboy. Pointed at him and aimed it right at him. How sweet!!!! I can sense another YB fanboy in the making. Hahah

    1. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the part where they were messing around with each other doing pushups and then immediately went into dance choreo. I thought that was actually pretty sick.

      And of course, YB’s birthday! I’m happy he was able to spend it with BB/YGE and his fans.

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