Taeyang, “A closer Big Bang will make an amazing appearance in 2012”

Of the nation’s top male idol groups, there are not many K-Pop fans that  hesitate to choose five member team Big Bang as the best. Since their summer of  2006 debut, in the last 5 years, Big Bang has had countless hit songs, including “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, “Tonight”, and “Love Song”.

Taeyang Interview below the cut.

They are full of performance, fashion, and personality. Not a typical  boy group, Big Bang is a group that has unconventionality. Though it is clearly  rare for an idol group to have a producer among the team, Big Bang is a team  that has producer G-Dragon among them.

However, as the good comes with  the bad, Big Bang has definitely had hardships. 2011 has been a particularly  difficult year for Big Bang. With its members caught in controversies, they were  put in a situation to quit the plans they had previously made. Regardless of this, Big Bang is currently dreaming of a  proper ascension during 2012, year of the dragon, as they are filled with  confidence. During their break, the five members Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP,  Daesung, and Seungri have come together and have been working on many songs.

Big Bang member and skilled solo artist Taeyang is welcoming 2012 with  excitement because he wants to go at full speed with his Big Bang members in the  new year. Taeyang is particularly welcoming 2012, as he is a 1988 zodiac  dragon.

I met with Taeyang for the first time in a while to talk about  his and Big Bang’s plans and aspirations for next year.

It’s been a  while. How have you spent this time?
TY: We’re completely absorbed in  our work. The five members of Big Bang gathered and have worked on a lot of  songs. We’ve created so many new songs. Right now, we’re in the last stage of  working on our new album. Personally, I’ve also been working on my solo album  side by side. Big Bang still spends time at the dorms, and we’re spending  meaningful time together.

If you’ve made a lot of new songs, then will you have a new album soon?
TY: During the beginning of every year, we’ve held a concert called Big Show. 2012 will be the same. Right now, the plan is to hold Big Show in March. Around that time, Big Bang will release a new album. Like I said before, we have a lot of good new songs to release, but it hasn’t been decided whether it will be a regular album or a mini-album.

We can’t not talk about 2011. It brought Big  Bang a lot of crises.
TY: The truth is that in 2011, Big Bang was  planning on doing a lot of promotions, but we couldn’t. All of the members were  honestly very disappointed about that, but we gained a lot from it also. Going  through various hardships, the members’ relationships have gotten more close. We  felt how much more precious the other members, the fans, and being on stage are  to us. This is Big Bang’s turning point. We feel that the people who still love  Big Bang are our true fans, and we’re going to repay those people with the best  music and performances we can give to them. We’re going to make amazing plans  and many appearances. You’ll find out about our amazing plans soon.

Even  from that low, you beat out top stars at the November 2011 MTV
Europe Music  Awards (2011 EMA) and won the Worldwide Act Award. What are your feelings about  that?
TY: That’s one of the best memories of 2011. After we received the  award, the feelings from being there at the ceremony left a lot of good  memories. It was the first time in a while that Big Bang gathered together as  five, and truthfully it was really interesting that we were the only Asians at  the awards ceremony. Our desires to do promotions overseas and spread Big Bang’s  music more have gotten a lot stronger from that experience.

In early  December 2011, Big Bang presented performances as five members through the 15th  Anniversary YG Family Concert for the first time in a while.

TY: It was  very emotional. Before, being on stage together was something that went without  saying, and I felt that we were on stage because we loved music and dancing. But  after being on stage after Big Bang went through many things, I got the strong  feeling again that we exist for the stage and for our fans. I had the same  thought during the Japan tour we had earlier in the year. More than anything, I  love Big Bang being together as five the most.

The K-Pop craze is  impressive. The Japanese Best Of album that Big Bang released in December 2011  topped the Oricon Charts at #1, and it seems thatBig Bang has a strong part in  spreading the Hallyu wave.
TY: Rather than thinking about popularity or  sales, we have a big heart for representing Korea and showing foreigners good  music. So while working on Big Bang’s new album, the members exchanged a lot of  good words and advice, and we tried very hard to make good music.

In a  recent survey, because of your lack of experience in love, you were picked as #1  male idol star most likely to spend Christmas solo.

TY: To be honest,  when I first saw that I read it as the star most likely to release a solo album  during Christmas. (laughs) That’s actually correct—I spent Christmas alone  watching a movie. But I’m not lonely right now because I’m sincerely completely  immersed in my music. I’m really excited for Big Bang’s great plans for 2012.

If you were to reveal your hopes and plans for 2012?

TY: I want  to properly show Big Bang’s potential again. We’re going to show that like our  music, that nothing will bring us down no matter what happens. I’m going to work  hard with the other Big Bang members in promoting here and abroad. I actually  would like to do performances locally like we did in our debut days also. I’m  planning on living a life absorbed in music.

To end, please say a word  to your fans welcoming 2012.

TY: I have nothing to say to our fans  except thank you. Thank you so much for standing by us. I have confidence that  we can repay you with our music, so I’d like it if you can trust Big Bang one  more time. I’m a zodiac dragon, and since the coming year is the year of the  dragon, I hope that everything you do brings success to you. I sincerely hope  you take care of your health and wish you a happy new year

Source: Star  News Translated by: SARA @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff  @ tumblr

7 thoughts on “Taeyang, “A closer Big Bang will make an amazing appearance in 2012””

  1. Something about him saying he’s a Zodiac Dragon is so Thrilling!! LOL! Taeyang is a very unselfish and modest guy.

  2. He spent his Xmas alone watching a movie! and there’s absolutely nothin wrong with that… I like how he owns it rather than tries to make excuses. God, I’m excited for new music. And where is Lyle’s choreo gonna appear? Still waiting… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  3. I’ve always loved YB’s interviews, whether they’re about his solo works or his group.

    YB was the best person they could have interviewed. He has a spotless record. He’s known for just being immersed with his music work. He’s the type of genuine guy whose sincerity comes out with each thought. He doesn’t harmlessly sprout nonsense but actually thinks about what he says.

    That being said…….BB album AND solo album coming soon? Aasdlkfjlalfhjalalxahalsjhala
    I’m so freaking ready! Of course, more for YB’s album than anything. We got some Underdogs, Choice, Kush, Murf, Lydia, etc……..there’s NO WAY this album will disappoint. But then again, this IS YB I’m talking about. It would be very hard for him to disappoint me anyway.

    And I’m gla that these troubles have brought BB closer together. Tbh, as time went, they seemed to be drifting further apart, so I’m glad they’ve reconnected. It’s just sad that it took stuff like the previous events to bring them back together. But oh well, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. So I’m positive that 2012 will bring back an even stronger and better Big Bang. YB’s a Dragon, GD’s a Dragon……I’m a Dragon 🙂 The year of the Dragon is THEIR year.

  4. Happy new year guys 🙂
    can’t wait to see what BigBang has prepared for 2012
    btw check out this Tablo – Bad ENG KPOP COVER
    feel free to share it

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