Taeyang Speaks on G-Dragon and Big Bang’s 2012 Plans


Taeyang: “GD, My Lifetime Friend”Taeyang spoke about his infinite trust to his band mates.Taeyang recently met with Star News and explained that “This year, many things happened to us and thanks to them, we’ve become closer to each other.”

Taeyang also talked about his childhood pal G-Dragon, who has been spending time with him in YG Entertainment since elementary school.

Taeyang said, “As a friend, I feel sorry for things that happened to Jiyong. But Jiyong will always be someone more than a family to me. Even if something worse than this (problem) happened, I couldn’t let go of Jiyong’s hands just like that. Same thing goes for Jiyong too. For me, Jiyong is a friend for a lifetime.”

Taeyang also spoke for the first time about the misunderstanding that happened in the internet because of the tweet he posted regarding to G-Dragon’s scandal.

Taeyang posted tweets saying “Even if I looked like I don’t know, I know everything” and “If I looked like I’m being deceived, it’s because I only close my eyes”

Taeyang said, “Actually those tweets have nothing to do with Jiyong. I wrote down my thoughts regarding what’s happening in the world,” and continued, “I feel terrible for all misunderstandings”

He also expressed about his trust to the rest of the band mates: T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

Taeyang explained, “Even until now, BIGBANG is still doing dorm life. Just like a family, even if we don’t speak so much, we understand what each other feels.”

He continued, “During our rest period, all of the members meet up to work on our songs. We already prepared some new songs for BIGBANG and currently, we’re in the middle of producing a new album.”

He also told us about BIGBANG’s plans for 2012.

“We always hold annual concert called ‘BIGSHOW’ every year. And we’ll be holding the next concert in March 2012. We’re also planning to release a new BIGBANG album around that time,” he said.

He also said, “In 2012, we’re going to repay our fans who have faith in us with lively activities and good music.” With a smile, he also added, “Of course my solo album that I’ve been working on currently will going to be released too.”

Source: Star.mt.co.kr
Translation by: Winalicious@BigBangVIP.net

 Cr: Bigbangupdate
Wow, I love the deep friendship between Taeyang and G-Dragon. It’s a beautiful thing. And I can’t wait for more Taeyang solo and Taeyang with Big Bang! Excited!

9 thoughts on “Taeyang Speaks on G-Dragon and Big Bang’s 2012 Plans”

  1. First thought: Awwwwww…….GDYB is forever! Through thick and thin, they’re always there for each other. Even though I may not think the best of GD sometimes, I’m gratelful that YB has a friend like GD to turn to, and vice versa. Like they’ve said multiple times. They’re more than just friends, they’re brothers.

    Second thought: Big Show 2012 and new BB album. Yes! Can’t wait! I want to see how the recent events have affected them and their music. I wonder if they’ll do more upbeat songs to show that they’re overcoming their difficulties, or deep, mellow songs to represent their problems, or maybe a mixture of both.

    Third thought: Eff yes!!!! More confirmation on YB’s solo album!!!!!!! With all the teasing he’s done, YB can’t not release something next year. I’m soooooopop ready for it!

  2. I knew that our TEYDADDY won’t post anything to hurt his members on Twitter! He is an angel!
    But I am still wondering what was going in his mind during that time.

    Credit to the choice of picture! Love it!!

    1. yup i think taeyang’s fans all knew that it was a random tweet…
      maybe he had time for deeper thoughts of how things turned out in life [actually i’ve had at least several status comments like that when i dont have much things to say abt myself]

      thank you for the post, & a nice picture of Korean Dream’s friendship !

  3. What does it mean that they’re “still doing dorm life”? I am looking forward to the new albums, and BIGBANG as five again ❤

  4. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAH!!!.i cant’t breath when i read the “OF COURSE MY SOLO ALBUM”..!!!YEAYYEAY22222!!!.can’t wait baeeeee!!!!♥

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