[Twitter] Boys Will Be Boys

Well it seems that Taeyang and producer Choice37 have been playing around more than they’ve been working in the YGE studio this holiday weekend (as it should be really) and decided to share some of it on twitter.

And Choice37 and him seems to have found some strange app  and have been playing around with it all over the YGE building.

There’s another such video as well as screen caps below the cut ,

If you want to see the videos at their source, they’re here and here. Honestly, Taeyang and Choice37 having too much fun with this. Taeyang even retweeted Choice37’s video.

Taeyang also decided to officially change his twitter name to the Teydaddy (…yes I know).

Honestly, I’m happy about how twitter savvy Taeyang is getting, remember back when we all thought he wasn’t actually going to use it and it was just a manager and now look at him go. *tears* I’m proud.

cr: @realtaeyang, @Choice37, YGLcrazyxcami on youtube

9 thoughts on “[Twitter] Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. Lol hahaha that is a cool app!! I wonder what it’s called. They are so hilarious with these videos and so cute foolin around. Taeyang is turning into a more fun outgoing guy now. Love!

  2. Teydaddy……looks like he’s making the name official!!!! Haha

    Is this really from an app? Cuz damn, I so want that app for my phone!

    I see that YB and Choice are spending their in the studios very wisely. Maybe they’re giving us a hint of YB’s next mv? Apparently it ends up with a dead YB no matter what. Hahaha

    But I’m glad to see that they’re having so much fun. And sharing it with fans at that! Just goes to show that boys will be boys, no matter how old or famous they are.

  3. Haha toozdae that last part is really funny xD

    I’d still prefer TAEYANG over TEYDADDY any days but seems like he likes the name a lot…oh well as long as he doesn’t officially change his stage name to teydaddy. It feels like they got a lil bit stressed out in studio and decided to go crazy for a bit haha.

  4. was that adobe after effect? haha… saw Youngbae’s feet at the far left of the first video after the explosion.. but so funny… it’s nice that we get to see this personality of YB.

  5. These are some translation i’ve read in @ricekwon twitter today:

    Taeyang talked about GD and fans’ misunderstanding from his tweets

    “Now big bang is working with musicians for their new album and my new solo album is coming too.” he smiled.

    “In 2012, big bang members will actively promote good music in order to repay the fans who still believe in them.”

    & the link :


    Is there anyone who knows Korean & translate the full article? Thanks.

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