Happy Holidays from ATY!

May you all have the best of times over the holiday season and throughout the new year!  Peace and Love everyone!

2011 has certainly had its share of surprises. Some, like TY’s unexpected line-up of solo activities inspite of the lack of new solo releases, were definitely welcome. Others, like his blond highlights, had mixed reactions. And some, like Daesung’s awful accident, were things we wish would have never happened.   And as we take our good memories and learnings from 2011 with us, we move on to the great unknown of 2012 with every hope for an even better year.

What are your greetings and wishes for Taeyang and our ATY community this Christmas?  Any hopes for the new year?  We’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from ATY!”

  1. Happy Christmas everyone! Wishing everyone good health and good spirits during the holidays and for the rest of next year. May all of us have new and interesting experiences in 2012!

    And as for YB – hoping he stays happy and healthy and makes even more progress in his dream to be a better artist and better person.

    I’m really looking forward to the new music and performances from YB. I think he’s in a stage where he is trying new things and seeing what will fit so I’m excited for the results of his experiments. (I don’t think it will be too far out though since he has always been pretty focused about the core of his musical direction.) One wish I have though is that we can have at least one stage where he really gets to just sing without the choreo (and minimal backtrack.) And on the other hand, I’d also love to see him just go hard at dancing just once without worrying about singing. If we’re really lucky, we’ll get to see him do both in another solo concert in 2012. (And I will definitely be there this time around.)

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Hope everyone keeps warm and stays healthy. And of course, gets everything they want for the holidays!!!

    Let’s see…..what I want for the new year. YB making the music he loves of course. Like BM, I want him to experiment more but still stay within the R&B genre that he knows and loves. Working with so many different producers is a giant step in that direction. I wouldn’t mind a ballad-like, baby making song from him. One where he’s just there, singing his heart out. I definitely want him to get more endurance training to increase his stamina and improve his breathing techniques on stage. But YB performs great either way, so that’s really not one of my main wishes.
    Most of all, I just want YB to have fun and relax. He’s a 23 yr old male; he just needs to go out and have as much fun as he’ll allow himself (since we all know he drags his butt to the studio everyday). I want him hanging out with old friends, making new friends. Oh and spending time with his family especially, since it’s so hard for idols to do that.
    But yup, that’s everything I can think so far. YB making music and having fun is one of my top Christmas wishes for this year.

  3. Merry Christmas ATY!

    My hopes for the New Year is a more explosive comeback from Big Bang, free of scandals, free of accidents, free of sickness, free of injuries and only success, success, success and more success. 🙂

    I want a new solo album from YB too!
    and a revelation of an ongoing relationship. hihi… XD

  4. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

    Thank you ATY for all your updates 🙂
    Wish you guys (the admins & other vipz) good healths, positive spirits & continue to nurture our big love for TaeYang !!!

    In the upcoming new year, hope BB all good things with only happiness + get big success with their new album & a bigger recognition all over the world !!! & a WORLD TOUR if possible…
    cant wait for another dominating year of BB 😡

    Hope that TY’s wishes fulfilled soon, hope he keeps showing his greatness on stages & enjoying his life with his family, friends, lover & MUSIC!
    As long as he’s happy, im happy !!!

  5. Merry christmas to all ATY admin & ATY-ers. lovers of the man Dong Young Bae.

    I have one main wish for next year. It is to see Taeyang at his solo concert. well, if it doesn’t happen in 2012, then 2013 or 2014 or whenever he has his next concert, i’ll be there. that’s my promise to myself.

    This year, I had the chance & luck to see the 5 amazing boys at Bigshow. I am forever thankful to God that I am able to attend their concert and if God permits, I will be able to catch Taeyang’s solo concert next and hopefully get to meet the man himself to tell him just how awesome he is.

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