Big Bang at Stay G Christmas Concert – TY Fancams (111221)

Big Bang sans G-Dragon were performers at the G-Market Stay G Season 2 Christmas Concert on December 21. Set list included  Tonight,  Hands Up, Café, Love Song, Lies and Last Farewell.



More TY fancams after the cut

Hands Up










Love Song


Last Farewell





Many thanks to the uploaders!


6 thoughts on “Big Bang at Stay G Christmas Concert – TY Fancams (111221)”

  1. Wow TY was definitely dancing up a storm. Using the handmic didn’t get in his way and really helped him with control vocal wise. He really has to do something about all his technical problems with his usual headmic going forward or make a permanent switch to the handmics and just choreograph around it.

    And is he dressing to match his hair? Though even if he looked a bit like a Thundercat, I must admit the jacket looked great on stage. And the glasses falling off are a sign 🙂

    1. BM!!!! Uhhhhhh Thundercats are AH-MAZING! Hahah

      Man….now I really want to go home and watch the vids since he seems to have done a good job.

  2. Gahhhh… stupid phone and/or wacky wi-fi is only letting me watch the last video fully! Guess I know what I’m doing tonight. I will be back tonight to comment on the rest of the performances. 😛

    But oh YB. Drinking from a bottle of water and then giving it to a fan? Don’t you know they might faint from that indirect kiss? You troublemaker you….hahaha 🙂

    1. Yay! Finally finished watching the vids! So time for my comments! Hahaha

      Loved his outfit. Looks like he’s the only one out to group to dress for comfort tbh. And I wonder if The North Face has always made a leopard print puffer or if it’s just a BB thing.

      YB+hand mic=awesomeness. I love it when he uses the hand mic. He has so much more control over his voice and singing yet it doesn’t seem to hinder his dancing at all. Not to mention he can goof around and get everyone else singing into it.

      Anyone else love the goofy, playful YB on stage? I saw that BaeDae interaction. And him messing around with the dancers too. He’s was like a little boy hopped up on too much sugar. Are they passing out brownies again? 😛

      His performances overall were great. Just playing around, having fun on stage yet still singing his parts perfectly fine. And his ad-libbing was on point, like always.

  3. ALLLLRIGHHHHHHT!!!!! Daesung it Back!!! The first clip was like a Epic moment for me!! I am glad. Big Bang is coming back!

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