[Twitter] Taeyang hits the slopes with Lydia, Lyle and some HiTech friends (111216)

Looks like some members of the YG Family took some time off to get out of the studio and practice room to enjoy themselves in the cold. All work and no play never did anyone any good…   Have fun and keep warm guys!


28 thoughts on “[Twitter] Taeyang hits the slopes with Lydia, Lyle and some HiTech friends (111216)”

  1. what do ya think abt the rumors that Taeyang dating Lydia?
    I hope that he’ll find a nice girl but not the artist/dancer type…

    1. TBH, Taeyang gets shipped at one point or another with practically all the girls he comes into contact with so I wouldn’t pay it too much attention. In any case, if and when he dates, it’ll stay very very private unless he decides to share it with us (and judging by the track record of the YG artists, that doesn’t really happen for a long while.) But I think he knows a lot of fans wish him well with his love life and want the best for him. 🙂

      1. yea, you’re right. thank you bluemaid !
        i have to confess that im worried when i hear those rumors… im kind of sensitive but i do want he will settle down with a nice girl who can take good care of him.
        anyway there’s nothing i can do abt it.
        so I wont let it bother me anymore, just enjoy his music and support him !!!

    2. I ship YB and Lydia as much as I ship YB and Bom. So that’s saying something.
      But if anything, at least he’s been getting more comfortable be around women, so that’s always a plus.

    3. Oh yeah. I am just now learning that there are rumors about Lydia and Taeyang. Just like the other comment. It is always like that when he gets into contact with females. Just from your comment, I had to search the web to see if there were rumors circulating and yes, low and behold, they are there. There were some interesting stuff that the person was saying about Lydia and Taeyang though. The person was talking about the song Frank Oceans Thinking of you. Lydia played the song but the video is blacked out. Taeyang tweeted later not the same day but he recommended the same song but you know how he always have song recommendations anyway. Then on the page it talks about how Lydia and Taeyang were hanging out 2 a.am in the morning. Well, Taeyang is a friendly guy. I just think we will have to wait to see what happens. You can read what it said on “Confessions of the K-pop Addict” Just type it in Google. It was a cute read but we still have to be careful and not fall so quickly. The other side of me though is like “Uh Huh!” Taeyang eats American Candy! Yeah, I bet!! LOL!! Anyway, it will be nice. Taeyang anyway seems to be coming out of his shyness when around attractive women. He is growing up and probably tired as hell of not having a special someone on his days when he says ” Sometimes I get lonely” LOL!! If much later it turns out to be true. I would be very happy and a little envious. LOL! Hey! It was not like he was going to look at me and say, “Yes! This is it! I know it now. Your the one!” Haha! Yeah right! Only in my girly wet dream that is! LOL!

    4. I confess I do a lot of YB shipping but that is mainly for TaeU (Taeyang +IU). But I think the “rumors” you’re talking should not be given any attention. I think especially in the Kpop internet world, all fans automatically freak out when any of the oppas are seen with a female or have the same jewelry or phone etc and make the connections themselves.

      And honestly, it’s none of our business if Taeyang is dating (even though I would like to see him date) unless he shares it with us. YB in general is a very private person and because people see him hang out with Lydia a lot they assume something something must be going on with them. It’s pretty normal for normal people to hang out with each other. And I say, Taeyang/Youngbae is pretty NORMAL person in Kpop (which at the same time makes him pretty unique) without a celebrity complex.

      And it’s not our place to say what type of girl is good for Taeyang, because we don’t know him AT ALL beyond what he chooses to share with us. And, personally, I would hate to be categorized into a “type.” People just aren’t that simple.

      So you are right. Just enjoy his music.

      1. Tofu, I agree with you, except for the Taeyang and IU shipping part. It’s non of our business if he’s dating or not. We love him for his music, his passion for music, his swaggness and still being so down-to-earth.

      2. Oh sorry for my bad English when i post that comment & used the word “type”… yup people are very complicated and i dont really know her…
        but maybe – at least – i have a right to express what i want to say

        as much as i love him, after reading all the stories abt YB, im kind of a believer that when he finds a girl, that would be his first & last love, he would be a great daddy etc… so i just have a feeling that she isnt right the one. probably i was afraid that he was a good boy & quite different from Lydia’s lifestyle as soon as i heard that she was a good drinker & smoker and i thought it might give a bad effects to him

        lol i know i worry for no reason, so im relieved now and open for it… hope YB always be happy

      3. We all just have to wait and see. The good thing is that he is out of the studio and hitting the slopes. That page though just went in heavy about the Lydia Taeyang thing. Calling it “Taedia” and what not. I thought I would die of laughter! “Taediea?” Some of it I was like no because it was just assumptions. If you read that page, you guys would probably be like no too. There really was no real clue that the guys are secretly dating. They just hung out and they were not alone.

    5. What’s wrong with an “artist/dancer type”, if you don’t mind me asking? I have friends who are “artists” and are actually very genuinely nice people ^_^ Personally, I don’t care who Taeyang dates as long as they make him happy.

    1. I was just thinking that myself, but I hope he doesn’t go the tanning bed route (and they supposedly have one in YG building – yikes.) And if the alternative is being orange from bottle tans… he can stay pale till summer and wakeboard season.

      1. Yup. Glad to see I’m not the only one noticing it. Man needs to get out of the studio more and just walk outside sometime. Get a little but of sun.
        What happened to the slightly tan YB we all know and love!
        Pale YB=dnw

        1. Haha. Give the guy a break…it’s freezing in Seoul! (And a lot of people are getting sick with colds and whatnot.) He can shed his winter weight and get his tan back when it gets warmer.

        2. Fine. I guess I can cut him some slack. He’s lucky that it must be freezing in Seoul right now.
          But I’m torn about the weight loss. I love little not-so-chubby YB as much as I love chocolate abs YB. I’ll compromise. Ripped YB in the Spring/Summer, and meaty YB in the Fall/Winter. 🙂

    2. He does look pale. I know that in S. Korea, paleness is a symbol of beauty. Japan I know is like that too. I see some K-pop stars are starting to tan though. Taeyang didn’t always look very light. Here yes, I was thinking like wow. Taeyang is pale! LOL! Still my cutee.

  2. “@LyleBeniga Ay! I forgot for giving my album.. Hope that you coming soon again:) i had a great time with you! haha!”

    i wonder which album he tweeted abt.
    BB album, his previous album or his next one…:-?

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