Taeyang and Lyle Beniga Hanging Out and Dancing

Movement Lifestyle Choreographer and dancers Lyle Beniga is back in Korea and it seems like it he is hanging out with our favorite guy! They’ve been tweeting about hanging out all week. Lyle just posted a video of them breaking it down in the YG dance studio.

more tweets, pics and a video below

Taeyang’s Dance Practice 

What do you guys think of this dance practice? I loved it!! Oh that was smooth and sexy. I’m so happy that Taeyang has gotten all social media crazy lately.

cr: @LyleBeniga, @Realtaeyang, realsoulz  at youtube

37 thoughts on “Taeyang and Lyle Beniga Hanging Out and Dancing”

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    YB+Lyle is killing me! Stop teasing me and just release an album dammit!

    I am in freaking love with YB’s dancing. I don’t care what people say. YB’s one of the few idols I feel actually do justice to any type of choreography. He’s just so freaking smooth with his movements, yet he hits everything so sharp and hard. Not to mention his ability to convey emotion through his dance.

  2. Well, ask and you shall receive…. remind me to make more wishes in the comment section! And Monster Woo too – nice. And dancing to Usher’s Superstar is a nice touch.

    Didn’t YB say once that the sexiest thing was seeing someone do something they love with passion? Pretty much what I think of these videos.

    I love the practice vid and hope more are coming our way. It’s always a pleasure seeing YB dance. Would love to see them go hard at something too (and just dancing without having to sing is rare, so this is the only chance we’ll get to see him go all out.)

      1. I replayed this Lyle clip 100+ times and now Taeyang is dancing it, insane!! I will be extremely extremely impressed if Taeyang captures Lyle’s strong-whimsical and facial expression in that video.

    1. I’m half and half. I love love LOVE the smoothness and subtle intricacies of Shaun’s stuff. But I also love love LOVE the hard-hitting, in-your-face, powerful movements of Lyle’s choreo. So YB working with both of them is a win-win for me. Haha

    2. I do too. That what I was kinda saying in my other comment. Don’t get me wrong. Shauns moves are good. It is just that Taeyang seems to mirror Lyle’s moves better. Lyle’s style of dance suits Taeyang to a science.

    3. I can understand, I mean I like both of them but for some reason I find that Lyle’s choreo has some edge to it, I really like that.

    4. Your comment makes me think sometimes what would it look like if Lyle choreo’d INAG, JAF, and IBT. I am very happy and excited that Taeyang is taking advantage of an opportunity to use Lyle because there’s style there I felt like I missed. I still think Shaun is as valuable as Lyle though. Shaun’s new stuff he put out on YT is pretty exciting.

    5. I’ve actually asked myself this question quite often. Lyle’s choreography is always much exciting to watch and really captures me as an audience. I always LOVE seeing YB in his routines (SWAAAGGG) BUT Shaun’s routines are so…what can I say, amazing? It is intricate, tells a story and requires you to pay attention. There’s always something I’m discovering about his routines for YB every time I watch it. His routines for YB are always so unique (LOAM, and INAG for example). So I can’t say which one I like more….But I know I definitely fangirl over Lyle a bit more though. (:-P)

    1. YB did that routine around 2 years ago…Lyle actually tweeted about it (that he was good) and I think has the video but hasn’t shared it. Wonder what it would take for him to upload it somewhere? Maybe we should send Charlie a gift, hahaha,

  3. The photo is:

    The Twitter screencap is:

    Both images came directly from my Devoted to the Sun Photobucket. I work really hard to keep my site updated with the latest Taeyang news. In the future if you use my stuff please credit me.

  4. More photos of the practice session from the Bratson Blog on Naver:

    Short backstory:
    Monster Woo’s friend saw YB wearing a Bratson hat and told Monster Woo about it. (Monster Woo co-owns the brand). Monster Woo was surprised since he hasn’t met with the YG people recently and Bratson doesn’t even sponsor YG.

    When they met up at the practice session:

    Monster Woo: Yo~ Have you been well?
    YB: Yes^^ hyung. Have you been well?
    Monster Woo: yes ^^ haha. Where did you get this? [the hat]
    YB : I bought it myself. [MW comments: Taeyang who speaks English well] “Bratson stuff is so cool.”
    Monster Woo: Really? Tell me all of the Bratson stuff you want! I’ll give them all to you.

    He comments that when Gunyi and he were making BRATSON, they said to themselves “our clothes would really match Taeyang.” He must have been really happy that YB found the clothes on his own and really likes the brand. He ended the post saying:

    “Tae Yang turned hardwork, blood tears, and sweat into super talent! AND HE LIKES BRATSON CLOTHING!

    1. Yes! That sounds like such a fanby story! Ahahah
      Funny how they thought the line would suit YB. And lo and behold…….

      And I’m I agreement with J. On point choreo is amazing and all, but sometimes I just want to see YB go crazy and just krump. Old-school YB is being missed a lot. Haha

  5. Agggghhhh!!!! This is what I like to see! I swear. It seems that every time Shaun Envaristo or Lyle Beniga is in the picture. Taeyang’s choreography is like right on Especially Lyle Beniga. It seems that Taeyang can mirror Lyle Beniga’s moves than anything. I used to watch a lot of Lyle’s dance videos and I think Taeyang! I know that of course they do Taeyang’s Choreography I just think Lyle Beniga’s moves fit Taeyang to a tee. I like when he dances like this because he looks so damn good doing it. I hope to hear and see more of Taeyang’s dance moves and him singing more of a R and B kind of style for his next album. It is so him!! That is what made me fall in love with him in the first place. I used to like G-Dragon. Then I switched to TOP Which I still think is hot. TOP has amazing fierce eyes but then, Taeyang comes out with the HOT Concert and he performed “My Girl”, and he was all over that floor with no shirt on and sexy dance moves, I was stuck on stupid! LOL! I love his back too. He has a nice back. I still watch his HOT concert and get the chills. I like it better than the SOLAR concert which was good but damn! He had more appeal and sexiness in HOT and he danced more.

    1. when i first started loving bigbang, seungri was the one i liked and thought of really cute.. and then tabi too got my attention.. but then when taeyang came along to capture my breathe and heart.. it was game over. only taeyang can have that impact on me.

  6. UH OHH!! Wait a minute?!! Is that hair on his chin again? I remember the first time he had this but he took it off. I thought it looked good on him the first time. It was not like it was out of control.

  7. I wish it was longer! YB just purely dancing is so rare these days, when I see him just dance I cant help but want to see more…

    1. Iirc correctly, WD and WUA were Lyle&Shaun(but I think more Lyle than Shaun). Everything else was Shaun’s. Except for AYFA, which had some of Jeka’s input. And something in the back of my head is saying Keone helped with JAF.
      But don’t worry, BM (YB facts extraordinaire) will be able to tell you specifically. Hahaah

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