The Tey Daddy Covers Beyonce’s Miss You

Tay Daddy (a.k.a Taeyang) tweeted a link to his cover of Beyonce’s Miss You – Frank Ocean’s version.  It was posted on his own personal youtube account.

About the song, Taeyang wrote:

“I put this video up because i like this song.. hope you guys enjoy!!:) THANK YOU

Thank you J hyung for filming the video puhahahahah”

Cover below cut

OMG!! I love this song and his cover!! Just when I thought we wouldn’t be having anything to post for a while, Taeyang starts going social media crazy. And he sounds soooo good! And I really like how he went out and did this all on his own, created his own youtube page and asked a friend to video tape him covering one of his favorite artist – reminds me of all the fans who have done the same thing for his songs. And I’ve always loved Taeyang and piano combos. I hope this is a sign of more covers to come.


cr:  THETEYDADDY @youtube

27 thoughts on “The Tey Daddy Covers Beyonce’s Miss You”

  1. Alskdjajjfgjlahsdjwkskg

    Speechless y’all……….

    YB is just killing me with his tweets! First the Lyle thing and now this?

    Love love love LOVE this!!!! YB just singing and playing the piano? I want MORE!
    He did suc an amazing job. Once again, he showed why he’s one of Korea’s top singers. The emotion in his voice…oh man, I can’t even…..

    And the English! Some of the words were a little slurred, but guys, NO ACCENT!!! He’s progressing so much. Glad to see he’s being productive on this little break.

    And wow….I can’t remember the last time I fangirled like this about YB in a long time. Now if he just released his album. Haha

    1. Yeah…I found this cover pretty interesting too. It’s style that we haven’t seen Taeyang do then…kind of slow..minimal background music. There a few moments in there where his voice “broke” in the best way possible. I don’t mean he screwed up, but it sounded like he was on the verge of tears or something. IONO. I thought he sounded great. I’m really looking forward to the next album…given his music choices recently, I think it will be a more somber one….not sad like what “REAL” was suppose to be, but more mellow, introspective, but not despairing. Gaaaaaah. Just drop the album already. We know you’ve been working on it.

  2. This may have made my week. I think I will make it through my final exams. Right when I was really missing him, he does this.

    My fangirling aside, this such a great news! I was thinking that Taeyang should what Minzy does on Twitter. Lo and behold….Didn’t I say Youngbae and I are SOLmates? But seriously, I’m glad that he’s using these tools to get his voice and music out there. It’s a great way to connect with his fans and showcase music that he otherwise couldn’t with his normal album and promos.

    And has anyone noticed that his music choices has been very interesting lately? The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, but also Beyonce’s funky, old school “Love on Top.” And he’s training with Lyle….Do I smell a comeback soon?

    And “THETEYDADDY” he should’ve done TAEDADDY but I’m so happy and relieved that Taeyang DOESN’T take himself so seriously. LMAO.

    1. Aggie loyola I think. But hers was something more like tzae daddy. Pretty sure I butchered that, but BM would remember.

      1. It was a joke nickname from the Movement Lifestyle gang … See YB’s autographed of Solar for Aggie Loyola from a year ago. YB and his sense of humor…

        I love the cover. What a great gift for the fans! Maybe he wants to drop a dance training video too? That would be great! Would even love to see what he and Lyle are up to just hanging around the studio. We don’t need to see the confidential stuff, but seeing them tear up a new routine would be awesome.

    2. what ygtaeyangbb said…but to further it, this is what the movement lifestyle and kanaru crews sorta nicknamed him when he was in LA last…gosh, has it almost been a year since he was in the US (and his NY slip-up on twitter)? *sorry, off-topic, but just realized*…and if i recall correctly, Shaun (or maybe it was Aggie) referred to him as such publicly on twitter

  3. Damn. Frank Ocean and YB? Amazing. This cover hit me hard. Definetely, there’s someone in Bae’s life. Just by hearing the emotion in his voice, it’s obvious. Maybe it’s just me but I’d say, that person is pretty special to bring out Bae’s raw feelings.

  4. Ugh. I’ve been wanting him to do this for soo long, especially considering he releases a solo album once every few years, it’s nice to update fans once in a while. I couldn’t be happier. What an awesome song choice, and I am sooo soo glad Frank Ocean’s songs are influencing/inspiring YB..I hope this is a clue as to the kind of music he’ll be releasing in the future.

    One thing I love about YB and his voice is, although he may not have the largest range, he sings with so much sincerity, and feeling…he gives life to the song. The imperfections just add to the emotion of the lyrics. I really hope he continues to post vids, whether it be music, dance…or even random stuff.

    And the fact that he’s with Lyle…patiently waiting….fingers crossed.

  5. I almost cried when listening his cover for the first time. I miss your voice so much. A few days ago, I said that I wanted him to release somthing new soon and yesterday he uploaded this video lol. The emotion he put in every word is amazing. I wondered whether he missed someone like this. No doubt expression/emotion is the reason why his covers are outstanding even though his English is not perfect.
    Please upload more, Young Bae ah.

  6. i just remembered Taeyang’s interview in GQ Man of the Year.
    it talks about Taeyang doing covers of songs.

    —- Yet, he speaks of fear. Well, there are easy solutions. He could just continue to show us. He could just overcome it and prove it. He could be sly and occasionally give the public what it wants. Say, leak a “legendary video” of him singing a song that can display his amazing singing skills – a very common occurrence today. “Um, I don’t know. If I wanted to, I would have done it.”

    He stutters a little, “It’s… It’s like… I think it’s like this. If I really like that artist, if I truly like that song, then I can sing it. But to sing a difficult song simply to show off how accomplished I am… I’ve always felt that a song is meant to share its sincerity and to move people. Singing just to show off your level and craft is meaningless.” He is unsparing. It wasn’t anything to dither about, but it was such a rare kind of comment that it vibrated with me. —-

    it’s a good thing he finally put out a video like this.
    my feeling about this video is summarized in these statements:

    “His singing is not about how many octaves he can climb, or how amazingly he can sing the climactic section of “Nothing Better.” It’s not the kind you can contend against someone else’s. In fact, he may not be able to win such a contest. Instead, we give ear to Taeyang’s singing because of his voice color and his supple vocal expression. It’s because he doesn’t sing with an acquired technique of “this must be sung this way.” Rather, his sincere effort to always put himself into his singing is beautiful.”

    -By Jang Woo-Chul, GQ Man of the Year

  7. i love how youngbae reaches out to his fans.he don’t have to but still he made lots of effort to do so.such a sweetheart.i wanted to thank him for sharing so much of himself to his fans.

    this cover and the cracks of my broken heart is my fave cover from him.

    1. mine too. ‘miss you’ and ‘cracks of my broken heart’ are my fave covers from bae. one thing about him too.. even if he is not in love or going through what a song is about, he is able to bring out the true emotions of the songs still.. someone told me a few mths back that YB doesn’t need to be in love to be contented in life.. music, church, his friends, etc already brings contentment to him.. though yes he said before love is the most important thing in the world.. hope he has found love.

  8. I love this cover. Love, love, love. I’ve been wanting to hear him just sing for such a long time now – it’s been ages since he’s done stuff like this. And he’s obviously feeling it – it makes such a difference when he’s doing it purely for the love of it.

    And this is so much better than hearing it from a TV program where they either edit it clumsily (ugh – variety show editing) or have terrible sound engineering, recording or broadcast quality. Like the best of TY fancams, it just allows us to enjoy the music and TY without distractions.

  9. Santa was looking out for us best xmas present … i miss tae baby with the piono and the slow teachful souls sound amazing .. the reason we love him he jst reminded us if you forgot… and for the newbies enjoy and embrace the shine of the SUN..

    Happy greeting seasons.


    Nihgt all

  10. it’s like he can read my mind LOL (coz this isnt the 1st time he’s made my wish come true)

    i believe i can cry in the 1st time listening to his cover … coz im so happy. Yeah Young Bae is the best ever !!!

    there’s still emotional & soothing voice, and seriously he has improved his English
    hope he keeps uploading something like this

  11. WHYYYY I am I so late?! I’m barely catching up with all the K-pop news from this weekend… omg YB thank you for giving us something while we’re waiting for your comeback! That voice OMG!! Let’s hope he posts more unofficial type videos on this channel!

  12. Mannn i don’t know what it is, but his voice just speaks directly to your soul. It sounds just as good Frank Oceans. I would love if he proper recorded this onto a track in all its gloriousness. Just a video and already it sounds heavenly

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