Taeyang Tweets “The World Is You” and Drawing

Taeyang seems to be very bored at one point yesterday and tweeted this adorable picture that he drew.

Cute picture is under the cut

I’m not sure what he was trying to show with this picture but it’s rather adorable. I’m a little puzzled by the  X and the lack of eyes. Taeyang has many talents but I’m not sure drawing is one of them.

cr: @realtaeyang, screencaps from BigBangUpdates


12 thoughts on “Taeyang Tweets “The World Is You” and Drawing”

  1. You know his voice is talented enough that he doesn’t need other talents. LOL. The fact that he tries is good enough for me. You know as a violinist/violist I actually see his singing as inspiration because he has such a soulful and warm voice. I incorporate that into my playing. His singing is amazing enough for me.

  2. it’s cute tho i dont understand its meaning, the head looks like the Earth and the button X …LOL

    for someone who thinks he’s weird tweeting this (coz i read that on a bb fansite)… at least his hand writing is nice, quite neat as himself

  3. Here’s my analyses on this picture.LOL!! Well, maybe the picture represents his fans. Being that his fans are from different parts of the world, he sees no color race or any type of boundaries. He is very genuine and loves the fact that he has fans from so many different backgrounds. It is a blessing to him. He loves all his fans. “THE WORLD REPRESENTS US” The face and the x might mean he sees no color and has no racism in is heart. With our support not only S. Korea, but fans from all over the world do love him and he is thankful for that. He probably thought that in his mind, he would never think that he would reach people beyond his boarders. Taeyang always said that he hope that his music will be heard all over the world and that he hopes that his music will inspire and make people feel good and want something that everyone could enjoy. Okay!! I hope that fits!!! LOL!!! I don’t know. Sounds like a theory. That was the first thing I saw when I looked at the photo and it made me remember what he always said and how he talks about travel and being heard around the world. I don’t know. What do you guys Think? Does it sound possible?

    1. Also, the picture looks random and not well thought out. It almost looks like something he drew out of random and how he was feeling at that moment. It looks like he was happy when he drew this. Hehehe!! I was having fun with my so called Taeyang picture theory!!

  4. strong imagery here… as you can see there’s no chest or frontal features of the body, so It may be a picture of the world as a person from behind. the X being the asshole gives off the impression that as a person in the world your always naked and your ass is open to be fucked. *figuratively like losing your pride.

    or something else

      1. I mean filter.

        This tweet is really open-ended. Maybe Taeyang means that individually our talents and knowledge can affect the people around us esp. since the advent of the internet and social networking sort of like how he’s had an effect on us. Taeyang is a singer from a little remote country and his humble personality and his work made me look at life differently. In the west, I think I have ample opportunity, but he’s doing it from a tiny country. To me, the coolest thing is that I didn’t even have to speak the same language to be inspired by him. One of the reasons I think Taeyang can be successful is because there are tons of asians all over that can relate to Taeyang and YB.

  5. ‘the world is you’ – maybe WE make the world go round. WE chose how the world is to be. OUR ideas and voices help make the world what it is. WE have endless opportunity in this world of OURS. The world is never too big unless we let it become so. Haha this world was made for YOU and ME.
    Just a few lines that popped in my head when I read that ‘The world is you’. Such a simple statement but a big metaphoric impact. Very cute drawing, thank you Taeyang-shi :]

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