Random Post: Taeyang in Hats

I’m just going to throw this out there… I miss the hats.

Warning: Photo heavy post ahead.

Partly because I hate the blond highlights (but that’s just my opinion, he can keep it if he wants) and would rather he wear a lot less of the sunglasses if he can help it – but also because I really miss the hats. Fitteds, snapbacks, fedoras and even the occasional beanie.. . I miss Taeyang in his hats. Tilted just so, falling off every time he does a flip (heh.)

Considering his seasonal fashion phases (which he dependably updates every 3 months), I hope he starts bringing them back at the start of the new year.

And just because it’s been a while (and truthfully, because news is slow)… some favorite photos of TY rockin’ the headwear.

Photo credits as tagged, otherwise from stock.

And just because this cracks me up every time I see it.. a testament to TY’s fear of being seen with hat hair (starts at 3:40 min.)

From the Stand Up Tour (thanks to koreanfever247 for the upload.)

15 thoughts on “Random Post: Taeyang in Hats”

  1. Oh BM…..thanks for making me realize even more how much the hats have been missed! As if I needed such a reminder 😦
    Tilted hat, plain white tees, baggy pants….I miss them all!!!
    And don’t you just love how he has every single hat tilted just so? On the same side of the face and everything? YB is nothing if not consistent. Hahah

    Don’t worry BM. Winter brought the blond tips. The new year will hopefully have YB working the caps back into his wardrobe.

    And I love the vid. Oh YB, you’d rather look goofy ass hell with that jacket on your head than let us see you with hat hair? SMH
    Reminds me of the vid when they were in Thailand. Turning around to change out the hats so he isn’t caught with hat hair.

    And after typing all of that, I JUST noticed that it’s snowing in ATY. Haha. That’s a sign that it’s time for me to go to sleep.

  2. Hell Yeah, I miss Taeyang in those hats!!!! Fifty-nine fifties!! LOL!! He tilts his hat like just right and it looks so good on him!! I kinda like the blonde highlights but not as much as his black hair. Well Basically his whole Urban hip-hop fashion style I miss. I mean He is still cute and I adore him. I just wish he wear it some more and the sunglasses, yeah. They are driving me a little crazy because he his cover up those beautiful eyes of his. Oh well. I am still in love with him.(*_*)

    1. ” Well Basically his whole Urban hip-hop fashion style I miss.” I miss it to so much he look so hot with it, I really don’t like his actual style

  3. ohyeahh~ hats! and caps! i really really like him wearing those!! he should really consider wearing caps back on screen.
    hmm..i’m gonna tweet him to wear caps. hehehe.

  4. I miss the hats too, the tilted style not the straight caps he’s wearing every now and then these days. But I guess it was a phase he was going through and it just doesnt seem important as it used to be, its like how I was obsessed with Beret’s last year and kept wearing them everywhere but now I’m into scarves and I dont even touch the berets except rarely…I guess its the same for TY so we probably wont ever see him in that “tilted hat-phase” again, its gone, but I hope he at least ocassionally wears them.

  5. I miss his old style in general. The baggy pants, the white t shirts or hoodies, and the normal black hair. I really miss it. D: I don’t like the blonde. It makes him happy though so I have to be supportive as a fan. Hats I miss too, they looked good on him. He’s cute!! But oh wells! ❤

  6. i really MISS HIS URBAN STYLE HIP HOP R N B so much… but i know that his latest style right now because… of his age i think… he grow up guys : )

    i see taeyang style right now more likes… ARNOLD SCHWAZNEGER TERMINATOR 2… wanna see him ride a HARLEY DAVIDSON bike: 0 it’s gonna be AWESOME

  7. I’ve noticed he lost the hat ever since his 1st album. It is kinda sad, I love him with his swagg and hats too. Not sayin he doesn’t have any now, but he’s kinda growin out of it. He’s more into suits, fitted, “fashionable” style now. :/ I know before ppl kept sayin how he didn’t have no fashion sense or whatever but I really liked him plain and simple. AH~ I guess we can’t blame him, he’s just being a man now, a gentleman and growin out of the teen swagg. I mean, he still wears it outside his stage performance and during practicing. Oh well, it’s not about what he wears but who he is right? I’m just sayin, I did fell in love the shy simple r&b guy.

  8. aww I miss this style too =( those caps were simply the sex

    but his current style is still urban/hiphop, pay attention to current urban and hiphop trends in the US, trends are changing to skinnies, hornrimmed glasses, blonde dyes, caps being centered instead of tilted, etc. Cali Swag stlye is currently dominating. He’s just being really up to date on American urban fashion

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