Taeyang on Day 2 of the YG Family Concert (111204)

We are back again, with some new fancams from Day 2 of the YG Family Concert. We posted fancams from Day 1 here.

YG Entertainment concluded their 2 day concert Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul on Dec. 4th. Besides performing with his Big Bang members, Taeyang also had several collaboration stages with other YG family members including performing with Tablo on his new song “Tomorrow”.

Fancams below:






cr: 518%, YBMania, YBMania0fficial@youtube,  juckdo@youtube, urthesun


14 thoughts on “Taeyang on Day 2 of the YG Family Concert (111204)”

  1. the stage was totally upgraded compared to last year’s concert.so many things has been added.and youngbae did great live in almost all his parts specially during lonely.

    1. Oh, I was wondering if you had gone this year… How were the BB stages? Anything different (choreo, arrangement etc)? What did you like most?

      I read some comments that the sound wasn’t very good (the trebles were sharp?) or maybe that was in specific areas only. How was it for you?

      1. i went on sunday.since i was a bit emotional during BB stage,then i think i’m a bit bias when i say they were the best.
        during tonight when their stage descended from above,i thought the stadium’s going to cave in lol because of the crowds cheering.the performance was ok i guess.during cafe,the cross like stage lifted and each member was on the edge with GD in the center.it rotated in 001,002,003 and 004 구역.i was in 001 near the stage.well,you can just imagine the delight of the fans looking up at one BB member at a time.YB was grooving to the song,he cannot stay still.our youngbae,so delightful to watch.then,they performed hands up that pumps up the crowd.then love song was ok.

        1. (wordpress won’t post my comment so i have to break them into 2 parts)
          tomorrow was ok but he could do better.lol idk,he was perfect during tablo’s comeback in sbs.still love it.my first time hearing tomorrow live.tablo was awesome.
          then came lonely,and i thought youngbae did great.he came from my side of the stage,so i was spazzing like crazy.imo,he sounded good and looks good.reallly good lol.
          the second part of BB performing as a group did very well than the first part i guess because the crowd participated and they sang classic bigbang songs.especially during haruharu where youngbae sang without the background music for a bit before urging the fans to sing along.then followed by heaven.BB perf was a roller coaster of emotion seeing them perform haruharu as five you felt like crying then bam!they performed IATB without bae.it was hysterically funny.
          i guess what i like the most was lonely then it’s a tie between tomorrow and haruharu and i have to include the IATB by BB because the boys were fabulous lol.
          there was one time when idk,i think it was during jinusean or seven or psy where the sound of their voice during ment bounce back or echo.or maybe it was just me.i’m no expert on sounds but i was near the stage so the sound was freaking loud and i dunno the difference anymore lol

    2. Thanks so much for the fan account! Good to hear that YB sounded good. And was up to his usual goofy self, as seen in the fancams.
      I heard the Haru Haru audio. He sounded so good in it! I was extremely happy that we got to hear more of him in this rendition bc we all know he’s practically non-existent in it most of the time.

      YG needs to do a World Tour for goodness sake! Fan accounts and fancams just don’t do these performances justice!

  2. YB was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hyperactive lol, I loved pretty much all of his performances, not just him everyone was so great!! (I’m probably being biased and over-excited, haha)

    Thanks for the fancams! 😀 I’m forever waiting for the day I can see them perform live…

    1. Yay! More fancams! I need to stop being lazy and actually access the Internet from something other than my phone so I can enjoy these videos the way they’re supposed to. Haha

  3. 0:50-0:56 and 1:19-1:30 in the 2nd video is just pure sexiness
    and his voice in LONELY is so beautiful!!!

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