Taeyang on Day 1 of the YG Family Concert (111203)

And we’re back! (After a short break while TY was stuck in concert rehearsals.)

Day 1 of the YG Family Concert was recently concluded on December 3 at the Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul.
Big Bang performed  Tonight remix, Hands Up, Café,acoustic versions of Love Song and Haru-haru, Lies and Heaven.  Taeyang also performed Tomorrow with Tablo,  2ne1’s Lonely  with Se7en, Daesung and Seungri, and joined the rest of the YG Family to close the show with Psy’s Champion.

Day 1 Fancams  (will be updated as more come in.)










urthesun1 – full version



Hands Up






Dance (Tell Me/) – 518mercuri

Encore (updated) – urthesun1

Concert Montage – YBManiaOfficial2

Thanks to all the uploaders! (Photocredits as tagged.)

6 thoughts on “Taeyang on Day 1 of the YG Family Concert (111203)”

  1. Dammit….why do I have to work this weekend? I just want to be at home and watch fancams!!!! Can’t watch at work bc wi-fi is being wonky. 😦 Why couldn’t this be next weekend when I’m off?!?!??!?!!!??!

    /End of rant.

    But my question is….how does he sound so far?

  2. omgosh the lonely guy version is SOOOOOOOOOOO good. In love. and i love aty, they always have the best fan cams of taeyang 🙂 thanks!

  3. Thanks for the post, BM
    As always, I am so proud of YB’s fansites. No doubt they take the best fancams.
    Yesterday I was sad because YB didn’t attend IATB cover. However after watching fancams I thought I knew the reason lol.
    So happy that YB did well on 2days of concert. I love YB’s voice during Lonely cover.

  4. I wish Tae Yang sang I Am The Best by 2NE1. D: ❤ ❤ But I lol'd he really loves the Dougie. Tae Yang should come teach me how to Dougie. ;D

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