Sung Si Kyung mentions Taeyang on the Radio


Popular singer and DJ Sung Si Kyung has been a fan of Taeyang for some time now and occasionally mentions him on the radio during his various shows.  Here are some examples from over the years:

071112 Sung Si Kyung’s Blue Night

SSK: This is a song off Kim Jo Han’s new album – Big Bang’s Taeyang featuring on “I Should Have Loved You Less.”

I’m so hooked on this song lately. I’ve been listening to it everyday.

I went to Big Bang’s dressing room during a music show and asked one of the Big Bang members, “Who’s Big B…” – Oops, I meant to say, “Who’s Taeyang?”  And he answered, “I’m Taeyang.” I was so embarrassed! I remember telling him, “Thank you so much – it’s such a great song.”

080620 Hong Jin Kyung’s Music Plaza (w/ Alex)

SSK: When I go to these music shows, I’m a total sunbae (senior) now.

HJK: Of course.

SSK: When did this happen?

SSK: Everyone’s so busy bowing… Wow, Taeyang is really cool.

A: Yeah, he’s cool.

HJK: Taeyang’s cool!

SSK: I apologize, I ought to call it a “running shirt,” (tank/wife beater) but that just doesn’t sound as interesting.  I’m going to use a trashier expression – “nahn-ning gu.” Even though he was wearing only a nahn-ning gu…

A: His pose is heroic.

SSK: His shoulders… Guys like him could smell and it would still be okay, I think.

A: You’re right.

SSK: To be honest, if a guy wears just a running shirt he usually looks sleazy.

HJK: (laughing) I gave you time to PR your album. Why are you PR-ing Taeyang instead?

SSK: He’s Justin Timberlake, basically.

A: I agree. Heck, [Taeyang] would look cool even if the collar of his nahn-ning gu was all stretched out.

HJK: Yes. Now, we’ll talk about Taeyang more next time, when we have Taeyang here with us –

SSK: [interrupting] And there needs to be some grease.

A: Yeah, yeah! Wearing overalls!

SSK: Yes, overalls.

A: And with one strap unlatched.

SSK: Exactly.

HJK: [laughing] What’s with you guys? Are you guys in his fan club?

SSK: [talking over HJK] And then a lady comes asking for a car wash. Wearing a bikini.

A: And she helps get the bubbles/foam going…

SSK: Oh, I apologize – I spoke my fantasy out loud.

[Not completely sure who’s saying what at the end there. Their voices are rather similar.]

And just because the above conversation seemed to call for it…


110321 Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (w/ IU)

CHJ: IU’s ideal man changes randomly.

SSK: I think there are about 14 different men these days.

CHJ: But it seems sweet because you’re young.

SSK: But then what’s the deal with Kim Tae Woo?

CHJ: Why not? You [IU] said you like Tae Woo because he sings well, right?

IU: Because I’m a fan of g.o.d.

SSK: I mean, when she says Taeyang, I can understand it. Because there’s nothing I can do about that.

CHJ: You know Kim Tae Woo’s fans are listening, too.

SSK: It doesn’t matter. I don’t care.

CHJ: [laughing] You’re not scared of them.

SSK: No, Tae Woo is a cute dongsaeng (junior).

But if you say Taeyang, I can accept it – two young and cute people…

CHJ: If it’s Taeyang, you’d admit defeat?

SSK: He’s sexy and cool. Even I think Taeyang’s cool.

CHJ: So if it’s Taeyang, you would admit defeat, but you think you can compete against someone like Kim Tae Woo?

SSK: Compared to Tae Woo, aren’t I a little [better]…?

110616 Sung Si Kyung’s Music City

SSK: Let’s listen to Kim Jo Han’s voice… And [someone whose] phone number I know.  One of only a few idols [whose phone numbers I have] – Taeyang. And Taeyang follows me so well, haha. He even brought a copy of my CD and got it signed. [It was/he is] very cute. I’m joking… Well, it’s true that I have his phone number.

“I Should Have Loved You Less.” It was a song that was on Kim Jo Han’s album, and it features Taeyang.

111119 Sung Si Kyung’s Music City (with Alex)

SSK: We just listened to Ne-Yo’s “Because of You.” It’s a very good song.

A: Yes.

SSK: This kind of music is great, too.  You should try something like this, Alex.

A: I actually want to try something like this. So on the next album –

SSK: [interrupting] And practice dancing, too.

A: What? Dancing? Hm, Dancing…

SSK: Yes.

A: [laughing] But, actually, I can’t say I’ve never considered it… Why do I feel embarrassed even saying that? When I haven’t even done it yet?

SSK: [The style that] Hwanhee is good at.

A: Oh, oh, right. Hwanhee or Brian.

SSK: But, to tell you the truth, the absolute best in this area is Taeyang, I think.

A: Oh, of course. He’s peerless [literally: the one and only, there is no other] in our country.

SSK: Wow, Taeyang… He’s that cool even though he’s short. If he were taller, it would have been ridiculous.

A: We talked about it that time when we watched him perform live. That he’s really good.

SSK: Exactly.  Taeyang – he’s cool… and a good guy.

A: Uh huh.

SSK: I hear he doesn’t even drink.

A: Oh, really?

SSK: [He says] he just listens to music…….. He’s a little weird!

A: [laughing]

SSK: Yeah, he just thinks about music by himself.

A: And dances…

SSK: Yes.

A: Practices… Doesn’t drink any alcohol…

SSK: [He’s] kind of… [trailing off…] … yeah…

A: I wonder… if I live and practice like that, can I make all women look only at me?

SSK: Well, he has a lot of people looking at him.

SSK has also done his share of covers in his own style. Here are some covers from his recent concerts:

You’re My

I Need A Girl (Uploaded by TastyDonaldDuck)

Sung Si Kyung is so talented and charming himself, it’s pretty neat seeing him admire TY so much. I can’t imagine why Taeyang hasn’t been on his show yet.  This should be on the schedule for next promo – it’s about time the two actually get to interact on air!

Translation by Silly@AlwaysTaeyang.  Please do not remove credit if taking elsewhere.


26 thoughts on “Sung Si Kyung mentions Taeyang on the Radio”

  1. what a fan boy! xD to talk about YB so often on his radio shows haha… I always find it cool to see guys fanboying over YB because normally, girls are more obvious at this x)

  2. I really enjoyed listening to all these! It always makes me feel good when a singer can genuinely appreciate and compliment another singer for their songs, styles, efforts, etc. lol @ SSK calling Taeyang weird. XD It’s okay. We love you despite your weirdness. And yeah! Even though he’s perfect the way he is, if he was taller, he would be unstoppable! He’d be like Rain, maybe even more? But then again, he probably wouldn’t be the same Taeyang that we know and love, so scratch that, don’t be any taller. XD

  3. Haha, so I’m watching TV (k-entertainment news) tonight, and who shows up on screen but our dear fanboy, SSK. Apparently, he topped the list of k-star drinkers with the highest tolerance for alcohol – his limit is 10 bottles of soju. (TOP was also on the list with a threshold of 7 bottles. ^^)

    No wonder he thinks YB is weird, LOL.

    1. Incidentally, TY also topped some Japanese TV Guide survey about Kpop idols who were most likely to be “vegetarian” (that’s how they have it in some translations.) I think they term they mean is “herbivore” though – which is supposed to mean someone who is too busy with work or hobbies to want to date/have relationships (or more bluntly, someone who really isn’t interested in dating at all.)

  4. Hahah I was laughing and smiling this whole article.
    SSK definitely takes the cake as YB’s ultimate fanboy. Having someone like SSK as your fanboy totally gives YB status, not that he needs it. But it’s still nice to see. 🙂
    And I love how he’s like IU, he never hesitates to talk about YB. And no embarrassment whatsoever! He takes pride in his fanboying.

  5. i love their conversation… so funny and natural ❤

    like someone said before, i think Kpop is blessed to have Taeyang

    lol at the drinking part, so proud that my boy doesnt drink so that i dont have to worry abt his health 😡

    1. Im so glad that not only ordinary people or idol singers but also many great artists truely appreciate to TY’s attributes as well as his music 🙂

  6. LMFAO this is literally the best thing I have ever read. The part where they started talking about his wifebeater and it drifted off to become some fantasy fanfiction with a car wash and a girl in a bikini… it KILLED me. xD His fanboying reminds me a lot of myself.. idk if that’s good or bad. lol

  7. Ahh Alex saying how Taeyang is peerless reminds me how TY is always being labelled forever alone haha.. he’s in his own league..

  8. lol wonder if he’s gonna be featured in taeyang’s new album? anyway, have loved and still love ssk’s honey voice after all these years… very soothing and yet still full of emotion… some of his songs are pretty darn good! have a huge crush on alex too! (and that My Vintage Romance album of his!)

    all these perfect men.

    am glad ty is recognised by all my other fav singers.

  9. HAHA! I was laughing and grinning the whole time, Sung Si Kyung’s fanboying is so cute and I like how Alex is like the sidekick agreeing to SSK’s fanboying,lol ^_^

    LOVE this bit:

    “SSK: I mean, when she says Taeyang, I can understand it. Because there’s nothing I can do about that.

    CHJ: You know Kim Tae Woo’s fans are listening, too.

    SSK: It doesn’t matter. I don’t care.”

    LOL he’s a complete and utter fan, love it.

  10. whoa,ATY compiled all SSK’s fanboying over YB in the radio.this is great!

    awww,i love how they fanboys over YB.
    their comments were totally hilarious like how YB poses heroic.and
    SSK’s fantasy about a lady asking for a car wash lol.

    thank you BM and Silly for the radio compilations and translation.

  11. Omg…reading this… I feel like this must be fate or something, it’s a big coincidence!
    I’ve been liking Sung Si Kyung(‘s voice) these past two weeks after falling in love with his song in Secret Garden’s OST (you’re my spring), which I’ve been repeating the past few days. And right after his song Taeyang’s song Take It Slow is immediately next!

    And now to know he’s a fanboy of my absolute favouritest artist ever Taeyang is just so… wow. it somehow makes me like both of them even more <333 sometimes it feels as if all the artists i like are connected in someway or another…

  12. lol omg such a fanboy! I love it! And he does Taeyang’s songs justice. Love his voice. The You’re My cover was really good. We need a collab!! At the very least YB, should drop by his show, that would be hilarious I think. He knows so much about YB lol

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