[Updated] Taeyang at the Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards (111121)

Taeyang was among the featured performers at the Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards held on November 21 at Seoul’s Olympic Hall.  The event was organized by the South Korean government to honor outstanding celebrities and performers that have contributed this year to the development and spread of hallyu, or the Korean Wave.  He performed Where U At and I’ll Be There.  Some press photos from the event:

And fancams:

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Uploaded by YB-518%

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

Seems like his fashion phase for Fall includes hoodies and a lot of patches on his jackets. (Anyone know where all these jackets are coming from?) Not a big fan of the look myself but I suppose its a good match for the hair.  And at least its warm?

Seeing as this is the last live solo event on his schedule for a while (that we know of), I hope we can get more news soon about his new music and what else he has planned.  I’m patient as they come, but I wouldn’t mind more hints of what we can look forward to in the next few months.

Photos as tagged.


13 thoughts on “[Updated] Taeyang at the Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards (111121)”

  1. I actually like the jacket. It’s typical YB style with a twist.
    With this being the last scheduled performance for YB, I’m glad to see that he did a great job. Dancing on point and good vocals. I also love that he’s not following the strict choreo and seems to be tossing in all sorts of subtle movement. It definitely keeps the performances from becoming too monotonous.

    Anyone else catch the he had to put his hand up to prevent his hoodie from rising up to much during than one move in the IBT performance? What’s wrong YB….afraid we’ll see some cute liitle YB paunch? Haha

    1. I like the jacket too!
      Haha, I wanted to get a peek of his tummy.
      He looked and sounded real good. I also want more info released about YB’s upcoming plans. I hope we’ll be getting some soon *crosses fingers*

  2. I realize his changing is a good thing for a number of reasons. But to be honest here, I miss his pure and simple style. White t shirt and jeans and his hair all black. That is just me, I’m sticking by him. He’s been my favorite singer for a number of years now, 5 years. His vocals are just so full of emotion. I’m just not used to this different Tae Yang.

    1. same with me..i really love taeyang wear white t shirt and his black hair…i don’t know why..but with white t shirt..hes more bright like sun..but i still love him whatever his changing..

      1. I was thinking last night that we need an AlwaysTaeyang forum. And integrated random polls so Taeyang gets an overall opinion of what we like. Like, “Does Taeyang’s new hair appeal to you?” or “Favorite WUA performance” or “Favorite Taeyang outfit” or “Sneakers or Boots” or songs we prefer to be performed when we get his new music.

        Since Taeyang’s(and BB) international presence is purely on the internet, HE’S GOTTA BE READING THIS, I think it would shape his performances for us, woo! Like an interactive Taeyang experience, haha.

        If it costs extra money, I will be willing to donate too.

        1. i second the idea of polls! a more statistical approach for our opinions which may benefit both sides (us, him). and it would be fun to click something every now and then too! lol

    2. I don’t know what u guys are talking about, Taeyang never used to perform with a white tshirt and a jean ! It was only when he took off clothes revealing a white top or during “where u at” music video…
      He still have the same style off camera. It’s winter so he can’t put a white tshirt LOL

      I actually prefer this look, it’s more of his casual ordinary style. Before, it was more classy and sometimes it bothered him to do his dance moves well.
      We shouldn’t pay too much attention to this style since it’s not for promotion performances. We’ll see what happen when he’ll finally realease a new album : I’m dying, come on YG !!!

      I do agree about the mohawk, it was a good fresh change but I’m tired of it : go back to black already ^^ !

    1. it’s cool for us – his true fans, but the audience may want the hit songs which he has promoted
      i do want him to perform Superstar & Beak down more 🙂

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