Taeyang to Perform at the “Korean Culture Art” Awards

Event: Korean Culture Art Awards
Venue: Olympic Hall, Olympic Park
Date and Time: November 21st, 2011 – 6PM
Sponsored by:  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & KBS
Performers: Taeyang (BIGBANG), SNSD, Wonder Girls, B2ST, After School and more

On Nov. 21st Taeyang will be performing at the Korean Culture Arts Awards.  If you guys remember, last year Taeyang also attended the event and accepted an award for BIGBANG’s contribution to Korean pop culture.

This year, Lee Soo-man (SM Ent), Shin Young-kyun, singer Ha Chun-hwa, musician Shin Jung-hyun, TV writer Yu Ho and voice-over actor Oh Seung-ryong will be awarded with Korean Culture Art Award medals. Park Jin Young (JYP), Yang Hyun Suk (YG), Lee Byung Hun, SNSD, B2ST, CNBlue and other idol groups will also be receiving special citations.

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And here I was thinking that because Taeyang or Big Bang are no longer promoting that I would never see the guy but he’s been performing everywhere. Warms my fangirl heart.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang to Perform at the “Korean Culture Art” Awards”

  1. Thank goodness BB’s hiatus hasn’t prevented YB from performing.

    Ohhh and Yoobin’s going to be there? Fangirl alert! Can’t wait!!!

  2. This is because….TAEYANG’S THE MUTHA EFFIN MAN!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Love him to death! He also sounds amazing in this performance!!!

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