Tablo ft. Taeyang on Lee So Ra’s Second Proposal (111116)

Tablo showcased his solo album, Fever’s End, as the featured artist on Lee So Ra’s cable music show on November 16. Taeyang accompanied him on the song Tomorrow and also performed LOAM. Other featuring artists on Tablo’s album also performed, namely, Jinsil, Bumkey, Yankie and Bong Tae Gyu (and Lee So Ra of course.)


Look Only At Me

Taeyang also sat in part of the interview.

Thank you to bbvip subs (wearevipsubs) for the subbed interview video (translation by noljaa and mizz_julie for the subs.)

After loving the fancams, I was really excited to see the show. Even though I loved the fancams more (and that is usually the case), I wasn’t disappointed.  Shows like these still beat the weekly music shows any day of the week.



10 thoughts on “Tablo ft. Taeyang on Lee So Ra’s Second Proposal (111116)”

  1. I think the reason why these shows are just better, is they are better scheduled and not so much pressure on having some fancy out of this world stage, you just perform, which is what Bae thrives on, he can be more relaxed and do his thing directly with the crowd. Plus these are filmed and air later at night, I believe, the audience tends to be filled with more adults less, teenyboppers.

    Great performance of Tomorrow. I like this song alot, would have preferred YB to sing Superstar, but that is me being picky lol

    1. Haha. I think YB did LOAM for both Tablo and LSR at their request. (LSR is a big fan of LOAM, as is Tablo.) Come to think of it, seeing Superstar on broadcast would have been great – since the show airs past the 10pm cut off, it would have been free of the restrictions of the broadcast ban.

  2. YB sounded fantastic in both songs. LAMO reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place. Not to mention when he was singing it the camera got fantastic close ups of him and we could see those beautiful eyes. = ) very happy

  3. YB and Tablo singing together and interviewed together=a happy me.
    They both look great and sound great, blond tips aside.
    I’m glad YB was asked to perform LOAM. I feel like it’s been so long since he’s performed it that it brought back so many memories seeing him sing it again.

  4. ooomg big props to the camera man for being up close and personal on taeyang and him without sunglasses. He sounds so calm and strong in LOAM without all the dancing. He’s been singing this song for so long. I love when he’s on these talk shows, it lets him be more personal and laid back, the main reason why I love his personality so much. him and tablo look so so good together

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