Taeyang at Girls Award 2011 – Fancams (111112)

Taeyang was a performer at Japanese fashion event Girls Award by Crooz for their 2011 Autumn/Winter collection. He performed Where U At, I’ll Be There, I Need A Girl and Superstar.

The good news is that Fashion TV will air the whole event without cuts on November 27 at 1pm.  Till then we have some fancams to tide us over (we’ll keep on adding to this post as they come in.)

I Need A Girl – Uploaded by anna2ne1yg

Where U At – YBManiaOfficial2

I’ll Be There – YBManiaOfficial2

Ment – YBManiaOfficial2

He commented that he was so happy to be here and perform in front of such a lovely audience..”If you see my performance and like it, don’t hesitate to contact me..”  LOL.

I Need A Girl – YBManiaOfficial2

Superstar – YBManiaOfficial2

Dougie – YBManiaOfficial2

And close ups!

I’ll Be There – fieldcasterjapan

I Need A Girl – fieldcasterjapan

More fancams:

Where U At and I’ll Be There – Uploaded by zarin0823

Ment and I Need A Girl – Uploaded by zarin0823

Superstar (and the ever present Dougie) – Uploaded by zarin0823

Where U At  and I’ll Be There – Uploaded by manami
Reuploaded by hoabay

Superstar – Uploaded by manami

Thanks to all the uploaders!


8 thoughts on “Taeyang at Girls Award 2011 – Fancams (111112)”

  1. No time to watch the videos right now but so happy to see so many fancams. I was worried we wouldn’t get any. But that’s what I get for underestimating YB’s ninja fans.
    Also, rumor has it he said “This place if full of beautiful girls! If you’re interested, please call me!”. Any truth to that?

    1. i heard him mention the word “kawaii” which means cute.. and i saw a japanese fan tweet that’s what he said about cute girls and contacting him.. he is that adorable huh ~

  2. Thanks for all fancams.
    It’s so so long since YB last performed INAG. I missed this song so much. Hope he will perform it more often in the future. The moment he ran towards Ji Hye and danced with her in INAG performance is so cute.

    Off topic: BM, how can you find my channel. I was a little bit shocked when seeing my name mentioned in your post. LOL.

    1. No mystery – I just did a search on YT in case someone had reuploaded it from twitvid. I was just lucky enough to find that you had done it. 🙂

      And I was also so happy he did INAG. I miss seeing that song performed.

  3. Hahahaha!!!! did anyone noticed Taeyang’s hand action in I Need a girl in the first fancam video at :58? His hand is on Ji Hye’s a** and all around it!! Taeyang, you dancing sly little devil!!!! LOL!! I wish I was Ji hye at the moment though.

    1. yeah..and now..it’s make me asked..”taeyang..what do you always dance ‘ i need a girl’ with your hand on Ji hye’s like that..??” because camera always shoot their choreo on front of him..

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