[Updated] Taeyang to perform with Tablo on Lee So Ra’s Second Proposal

Updated Broadcast Schedule (via YB518 Twitter):

Oh, I’m so excited! Tablo will be a guest on Lee So Ra’s show Second Proposal, to be broadcast on November 23 at 12:20am November 15 at 12:10am on KBS Joy. Taeyang will be performing Tomorrow with him and apparently sat in on part of the interview. (Recording was done on November 9.) He also performed LOAM, though it remains to be seen if it will be aired which will also be aired.

More below the cut (and fancams for those who don’t mind spoilers)

Hopefully they don’t edit too much out of the interview! For those who don’t know, Lee So Ra is one of the legendary singers in contemporary Korean music, famous for her unique voice, inspired song interpretation and ability to evoke emotion. A favorite performance:

She has also been a fan of Taeyang since way back so I’m so excited that they will finally get to meet on the show. Some things she said about him back in 2008 on a radio show (unfortunately, I don’t remember the show.)

DJ: So, say you were to go on vacation alone. Hypothetically. You can take 3 songs with you. Which 3 songs would you recommend?

LSR: Hmm, having collected popular opinion, I’ve thought about if I were on a deserted island, it’d be nice to be able to fantasize about having a good-looking man next to me. So a cool pop (i.e. foreign) song… Let me think… Yeah, I think it’ll be good – Prince’s “Kiss.” It’s very sticky, sticky (sensual). I think that’ll be a good one to listen to while fantasizing… And… Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me”!

DJ: Ah, Taeyang! He’s very attractive.

LSR: Oh, no~ I was supposed to say “Taeyang’s LOAM” in a very dignified way, but I started blushing so I ended up saying it like “Taeyang’s LOAM!” because I like him…

DJ: I sense there’s too much sa-shim involved (selfish/ulterior motive, letting personal bias get in the way ^^).

LSR: Of course I’m saying it with sa-shim, to be honest. I mean, would I be saying it with any other motive? This selection’s completely about sa-shim~. I don’t know if the song will suit this late at night/early morning? Has it ever been aired on this show?

DJ: We never played Taeyang’s LOAM here. We should play it at least once.

LSR: Oh, Taeyang would be sad to here that. He works so hard to sing and dance, and to have a good-looking face on top of it all is not easy, right? So that would be my choice, and I haven’t thought of the final song yet… What other good-looking male singers are there? See, this here is sa-shim! Taeyang’s LOAM – can you play it? To tell you the truth, I was thinking of the song all along but didn’t say anything at first.

DJ: How come?

LSR: Because it was sa-shim!

DJ: (laughs) But you said it’s all sa-shim anyway!

LSR: No, but really, it’s hard to be that good-looking. And his face is so small, when I saw him…

DJ: I ran into him in the elevator on my way here, so we exchanged greetings.

LSR: Me, too, please… (Introduce me, please…) Then there are some live songs that Ha Dong-gyun sang on radio. Not the duet with me, other songs.

DJ: Not the duet song, but one by himself?

LSR: Yes, of course! Why would I listen to my own music on a deserted island, especially a sad song!

Thanks to urthesun for the photo! (via twitter)

And those fancams from the recording:

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)TOMORROW

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate) – Look Only At Me

Uploaded by urthesun1 – TOMORROW

Uploaded by urthesun1 – Look Only At Me

Transcription and translation by SYLVIA@ALWAYSTAEYANG Please do not remove credit if taking elsewhere.

19 thoughts on “[Updated] Taeyang to perform with Tablo on Lee So Ra’s Second Proposal”

  1. I’m so excited for this!!! YB+Tablo+Lee So Ra= three times the awesomeness.

    Can’t wait to see what the show holds in store for us. Hopefully more of LSR’s fangirling and the continuation of YB and Tablo’s musical bromance.

    The fancams sound good. Hopefully LOAM will be aired but if not, then it’s completely understandable seeing as how this is supposed to be Tablo’s comeback.

    1. I’m dying of fangirl happiness. I am such a fan of LSR, Tablo and obviously, TY – I’m just over the moon. Lee Sora is such a TY fangirl (self proclaimed on the show!.) She even brought up her DCYB award 🙂 I’ll just bet she requested LOAM specially considering how much she loves the song. (Edit: Supposedly both Tablo and LSR requested him to sing LOAM.)

      The interview was really cute supposedly. I’d love a fancam of the full one since they can’t possibly air everything.

      And OMG… no sunglasses and I love his outfit. I can even ignore the blonde. He looks so good.

      1. Well, thanks for this because these videos showed up in my Youtube feed and I was like when did this happen!?!?!? I’m looking forward to this too. I’m glad they’re doing these shows rather than Inkigayo every week because I feel these shows fit Tablo’s and Taeyang’s personality a lot more.

        And can’t believe both Tablo and Lee Sora both requested Look Only At Me. How legit is that. I think we should all put LOAM on repeat again, to honor the greatness of that song. It is and will always the defining song in Taeyang’s career.

        And is it too early to fangirl about them going on Yee Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook? Taeyang fangirls and fanboys everywhere!

        1. While I really love LOAM, it may be a bit early to talk about defining songs in his career – I’d like to keep thinking that the best is yet to come. 🙂

          And about YHY – next time TY goes on there (whenever that is) I certainly hope for a much better interview than the one during Solar promotions. Like one that actually talks about music… YHY has to make up for that fluff piece from the last time.

        2. I’m not surprised that both LSR and Tablo asked YB to perform LOAM. I mean, it seems like that song brought YB to both of their attentions. I can see LOAM being a game-changer just because it’s the song that really put YB on the map. This is the song that signified the start of Taeyang, the solo singer, as opposed to Taeyang, a member of Big Bang.

          I prefer shows like this over the weekly music shows any day. The music shows seem so contrived. In contrast, these shows put the artists’ so much more at ease. Both YB and Tablo look relaxed and seem to be having fun. They both seem comfortable with each other in pictures and the fancams. So I can’t wait until this airs. I want to see what the interview was all about since BM said people called it cute.

          And has it been confirmed that they’re going to be on Sketchbook? That’s one I definitely can’t wait for. We all love YHY and his YB fanboying. Just gotta step up your game YHY. The last appearance on the show was surprisingly lackluster in terms of interview questions. We want to hear more about what YB and Tablo are doing! Not how their rooms look!!!

        3. BM, I’m hoping that the best is yet to come, but I still believe that Look Only At Me will always be attached to Taeyang and will be one of his hits people will bring up when they talk about him. Like when you think of Micheal Jackson you think of “Bad” “Thriller” “Billie Jean”, etc.

          And that previous YHY’s interview NEVER happened. To me it never happened. I swear every YHY interview I’ve watched with anyone have always been great but that one. But I shall fangirl anyways because I’m a YHY, Tablo, and Taeyang fangirl. It just comes with the territory.

          And why are we the only three that are excited about this? hahaha

        4. Haha. Maybe because aside from being stangirls and fanmoms, we’re also a bit nerdy? Is there such a thing as fannerds (the kinds who archive, dissect and overanalyze everything?) Because that sort of sounds like me…

  2. Haha, coming out of lurkdom just to prove that you three are not the only fannerds around. Hi, tofu! ^^

    FINALLY, my favorite fangirl, er… fanWoman and YB together on one stage. It would have been wonderful to hear Tomorrow with a live band, but with the EMA and lack of rehearsal time… They’re just saving it for the next time. Because there WILL be a next time! (make it happen!)

    LOAM felt a little under-rehearsed, too, come to think of it, but he sounds amazing. (Do you really think it’s the pounds, BM? ^^) And he spun so fast that his mike set(?) fell out. Then he fails to catch the stand during his little stand trick at the end. Very chic recovery, lol. I always love those little moments.

    1. He’s proven it….the extra fat makes him a better singer. And it also makes him quicker and stronger apparently. Spinning so fast that his mike set fell out and kicking the stand too had and do wasn’t able to catch it.
      Oh the things some extra pounds do for YB 😛

    2. Hahah you caught that too? I saw it but decided to ignore it because I like to think that YB is flawless with his attempts at swag. (Obviously not.)

      I see what you mean about “under-rehearsed”, but fangirl/stangirl/fanmom aside, I really liked it for some reason. His voice was a little coarse, but it sounded/felt real, which I liked. I think he’s learned how out to hold his notes a bit longer…play with it and massage it. It’s quite lovely.

      1. i like that it’s under-rehearsed too.. for some reason, i love my perfect Bae but i love it too when he’s not all flawless.. that smile after he failed to catch the mic stand ❤

        anyway Lee So Ra featured on Tablo's album too right..?
        i'd love to see them perform Home together.. i love that song too.

    3. Oh, I like real and raw, too. ^^ I wasn’t really referring to his vocals anyway. I meant under-rehearsed in the sense that he and the band didn’t seem completely in tune with each other. With him just returning from Belfast, I doubt they had much time to rehearse.

      As for his vocals, I thought he sounded good, if a little tired. His voice seems to be a little richer, deeper lately. I don’t know if it’s the extra lbs or what, but I like! ^^

      Can’t wait for the broadcast! YB, Sora, Tablo LOVE ❤

  3. His voice sounded coarse, but decent. Regarding the LOAM perf, Tae seemed disappointed with himself at first, but seemed satisfied with it by the end. It’s okay to have high standards and be disappointed in yourself, but try not to show it onstage, alright? (I must be sounding like GD with his post-stage perf comments for Tae and Seungri.)

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