Big Bang wins MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 Worldwide Act (with Videos & Pics)

As mentioned before, Big Bang was nominated for the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards Worldwide Act, representing Asia Pacific. They faced some stiff competition especially from a little known celebrity named Britney Spear. However THEY WON!!

 Honestly, I’m surprised because while I knew that VIPs (and some non VIPs as well) were voting like mad for Big Bang I didn’t think they could top Britney. This is amazing positive news after all the heartaches they’ve faced this year. Throwing another congrats at Big Bang and our boy Taeyang!


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25 thoughts on “Big Bang wins MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 Worldwide Act (with Videos & Pics)”

  1. i was afraid of Brit winning tho vipz voted like crazy
    now I’m so happy
    it must be our best day of the week VIPZ
    honestly i dont like their jacket and the rad carpet parts
    (our boys arent as gorgeous as usual)
    anyway so proud of guys
    this is an amazing present for BB and we’ll see them performing as 5 soon !!!

    1. I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised BB won too. If I knew they would be a frontrunner, I would have voted a lot more, lol. I still did vote a lot though, BigBangUpdates tips for the win. Taeyang was ecstatic.–Best part. This is like another milestone for them, ya? Ohhhh soo happpy.

  2. I was ecstatic they won, but the way they were burning up the twitter, I had a feeling they were going to win.! YAY!

    1. Indeed his English is bordering on Amazing! keep it up YB. I love the bit where he’s like “we can do everything (music)” and GD’s just nodding along and shrugging like “yeah hell we can,no big deal” haha.

      Also love the ocassional “love you big baaaaaaaang” “love you taeyaaaaang” from the fans, hehe. If only this was in London, I would be one of the people cheering the loudest! lol.

    2. I’m pretty sure Tae and GD understand California English (Teddy), they can’t hear British accents well. My mother has the same problem. She turns on the subtitles when watching British films even though she’s been speaking English for almost half a century.

  3. I’m so happy for them!!! I knew without a doubt that they would take home the award. No one wanted this as much as us V.I.Ps!!!!! and can I just say that I am EXTREMELY happy to see Daesung on stage with the rest of our boys. Big Bang is BACK!!!!

  4. A couple things:
    -YB’s giant smile after they announced the winner. Fricken miss that smile.
    -G-Dragon’s acceptance speech in KOREAN! Yes, represent where you came from and don’t forget your fans. There is no need for English if you’re not completely comfortable.
    -Youngbae’s English is legit. Now that I’ve listened to a lot of it, I find YB having an “attitude”, because I know YB has a pretty soft demeanor normally. But it could entirely be from the fact that he is super duper excited to be there.

    1. I honestly think it’s his English teacher’s influence that’s giving him the attitude. Guess if you really must speak english, you must do it with swag. Anyway, proud of all the boys tonight.


    and especially for TAEYANG… seriously… i’m waiting for you for MTVEMA next year and GRAMMY AWARDS : )


  6. i’m not doing anything today.knees felt woobly,still feeling the after shock of my my babies winning.
    they’re so happy.YB was hyper as a kid,Dae legit smiled,like it wasn’t forced,GD representing SK,maknae’s derpherp and TOP was just being like crazy for this and i’m proud that i contributed.

    now if they’ll win something for MAMA,i have nothing to do with

  7. Ahhhhhh I thought I was going to die of happiness overload when they won! I think I got so happy partly coz I didnt expect them to win (but VIP’s along with others pulled through) and mainly seeing them as 5 once more with their happy little faces, it was so touching, especially YB with that massive grin,lol.

    I’m so proud and happy as a VIP, they have come a long way! So proud to be a fan and I can only wish them all the best for the future as I hope to be supporting them until whenever! HWAITING! ❤

  8. Somehow i expected to win this since everyone’s so united, vips and non-vips alike were voting, trending like crazy. It was a few days of awesome-ness.=D There were times when I thought BS would win but the support from everyone was just amazing that i’d just think otherwise. The award is a great booster for both BB and us fans (look at YB’s face and tweets, he’s so grateful and happy! ;’))But you know what, if we were to lose this, personally i’d still be okay anyway because the fact that we were all in this together supporting them was more heart-warming than anything. I know i sound mushy but i really feel this way.

    Cheers Big Bang! ^^

  9. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop jumping up and down!!!! OMG!!!! I am crying a little. They did it! They did it….. Big Bang in your face!! Haha!! Oh god and I remember when they first started and hearing some critics saying, “They won’t even last a year” Well, IN YOUR FACES AGAIN NETIZEN HATERS!!!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!!!! I had to get that out. I am so proud and happy. It feels like I have been on the journey with them especially Taeyang. Damn!! His English is getting helluva a lot better! I was worried that my vote was not getting through because of my computer. I guess it did after awhile!! ONE LOVE!!!!

  10. I know I’m late, but even now…it’s still sooo surreal!! Big Bang really needed this boost.
    And I am soooo impressed w/ YB’s english. I don’t really hear any attitude though, then again that may be my delusional fangirl qualities kicking in..

  11. MAY BOIZ TOPPED Britney spears MAnnnnnnnnn its a good day for all VIP’z i was almost in tears when i saw that then i was jumpin up and down they WON that is just fastastic. TY MR SWAGGGGGGGGA that baby got swagggggggggggga if anything else love his happy self. his like a kid and OOOOh was soooooooo happy to see smile face again I missed Dae Smile face am all TAE YANG but Dae miss that baby its good to have him bak smiling i was worried he might loose it. GD looks tired but Love seeing GDYB duo. GOD IS GOOD ALL AROUND. NXT stop AUSTRALIA SYDNEY please…………….much luv

  12. Still can’t believe they won an EMA, soo frickin proud to be a VIP~
    I met the guys on the 7/11/11 i’m sure some of you guys have seen my picture with Daesung & Taeyang, it been going around then net like crazy but here are my fancams if you wanna watch them! ^^
    These a cute video of my mate asking Tae for a pic & he rejects her! haha he’s so cheeky & cute! :p

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