Tomorrow is finally here! (The MV that is.)

Fever’s End now available on YesAsia (preorder) and YG Shop.  Digital album available on  Itunes (Parts 1 & 2)  and Soribada (Part 1 & 2).

Studio version of the song rocks though I liked the intensity and emotion of the live at last Sunday’s Inki a wee bit better. This is going to be on repeat for a while.

And the MV is about as good as expected, very in keeping with the recent YG MV offerings. Nothing complicated and it sets the song off well. Nothing overdone, I think its simplicity is its strength since it doesn’t distract from the song. And Tablo and Taeyang both look good, which is always a plus.  (On the other hand, I always love seeing TY move around to music with no set choreo – he has a natural grace  and feel for music that always makes even just walking seem like dancing. So I may be rather biased…)


17 thoughts on “Tomorrow is finally here! (The MV that is.)”

  1. I’m guessing this is the director of BB’s Love Song and 2ne1’s Lonely? Beautifully shot and same style. I like the concept of a lot of movement but going nowhere – of being stuck in a wasteland and not being able to go forward. And of course the 2 really hot guys…

    1. What I’m most curious about is the end scene, where only the black car is seen leaving w/ the two, as opposed to the red car, or both. There must be a reason for that…I’m sure Tablo will explain the meaning behind everything sooner or later.

      With regards to the MV..I Love it! I adore simple and clean music videos. Not a lot of flash, and no multiple scenarios. Also, I didn’t take note when watching the live performance, but I really like the addition of the electric guitar near the end of the song. The live ver definitely brings more emotion and rawness, but I enjoy the mv for the plot and visuals. Overall, two thumbs up!
      I still can’t get over the fact that YB featured in Tablo’s album..surreal! I thought this would be the last time seeing those two together on stage…*tear*

      1. I agree with this. This MV is sweet gorgeous amazing baby. I’m not sure if I get the cars and helicopter, but it’s visually stunning. So many screen capture potential. The asthetics really fit the song on both musically and lyrically. And both look so good.

        Also I agree with you Bluemaid. I find myself re-watching WUA MV more than Wedding Dress even though I love listening to WD more. The drama and story is overwhelming to re-watch. Whereas, WUA’s MV really enhanced the song – it’s one thing to listen to it, but a totally different experience watching the MV.

        And its it weird of me to love the live performance MUCH more than the studio version? This is probably one of those rare cases…

        And ugh Taeyang. Your voice is so friggin’ amazing. Even caught me off guard this time.

  2. Stupid WordPress…eating my comment. 😦 So I’m back again with my essay!!!
    Loved the mv. It’s simple elegance is all that this beautiful song needed. The mv was so well-shot that it did nothing to hold the song back. Yet, it also did nothing to overpower YB and Tablo’s voice or the haunting lyrics being sung. All-in-all, it was the perfect accompaniment to the song. Both of them, this haunting song and the simple mv, succeed where anything else more over-the-top would fail.
    I don’t understand why people feel that a mv has to have lights, flashes, explosions to make a statement. This mv, with just the desert, one helicopter, two hot cars, and two even hotter men, was just what the song needed. No more, no less. YB and Tablo walking in the desert, with the cars just going and going around them. Endlessly walking forward yet really going nowhere. What else does the mv need? NOTHING

  3. i love Tae+Tablo collab, this is what we call true artists
    but still i cant fully understand the meaning of the cars, the helicopter, the desert etc. in this MV

    can somebody tell me?

  4. Three words: Cool as f*dge. This song and MV rock, pretty catchy. I would have liked more close ups though, like more cool angles of their faces. I felt a lot of emotion with the closeups, GREAT shots. I don’t give YB enough credit for his good facial features. He’s blessed with a sharp and charismatic face.

    Best scenes, IMO, were at the beginning, 1:44-1:50, and stuff near the end.

  5. Well alright Tablo!!!!!!! He’s cute. The style and song fits taeyang too. It has a touch of a R and B flare to it especially when he starts the beginning of the song. I love Taeyang but I sometimes miss the old YB look with the fitted hats sometimes. He like had them in all flavors! Hehehe!! He is still fine as hell though and I can never get over his walk. haven’t anyone noticed that when Taeyang is doing his slow walk, he looks sexy? When you slow down the scenes of any Taeyang vid or show or whatever and he is happening to be walking, it just looks so good in slow motion.LOL!! I am just looking to hard. Well, I am about to replay this vid over and over.

  6. Tae owns the desert like a stage ^_^
    the cars rolling around them … the helicopter … walking through the desert … the slow motion .. I like this MV !

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