Tomorrow comes early on Inkigayo (111030)

Tae-Blo (that’s Taeyang and Tablo obviously) debuted the second of Tablo’s comeback songs on SBS Inkigayo, a couple of days before the November 1 official release . Tomorrow is included in Part 2 of Tablo’s album ‘Fever’s End.”

See Tablo’s comeback performance of the other lead single Bad (featuring Jinsil)  here. Part 1 of the album, including Bad,  is already available on itunes and Soribada.

I thought they both did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to hear the studio version.  (And get a translation.)

40 thoughts on “Tomorrow comes early on Inkigayo (111030)”

  1. Arghhhh…..can’t believe I missed the live streaming of it!!! And I’m sitting in the car right ow so I can’t even watch the video like I want. :(. Stupid Halloween parties!!!! Be back later when I actually watch the performance. Hahah

    1. Okay, I’m back. Got home and now watching the vid before I go to sleep, which is such a bad idea bc now all I want to do it put the video on repeat.
      They both did a fantastic job. Both sounded great. I’m glad Tablo’s comeback performances went so well.
      Heard him and YB did it in two takes, one rehearsal and one recorded. Which makes their performance seem even better. But I don’t think Tablo’s could have chosen anyone better from YGE to feature on this song. It seems to fit YB’s voice as style so well.
      The lyrics seem so haunting. I can’t wait til we get the translation for it.
      And does this mean we get an mv for this song? Bc then I definitely can’t wait!!!

      1. After waking up and watching the performance again….is it just me or does YB’s voice sound like he’s singing live during those desert scenes? Like they just had him sing backstage for those parts? It doesn’t sound like it was a recording of his part to me.
        And even though we’re YB stans, I loved that he didn’t come out until the end so that all eyes were on Tablo.

        1. yes, he is singin backstage, at first i was confused, i was like “i can hear him sing live but where is he?” loll, then i realized what they were doing and all! i love this performance, i cant get enough of taeyang!

        2. To be quite honest, I thought Taeyang wasn’t singing live during the desert verses, because it sounded like a recording, but after a couple of listens I noticed the uneven breathing and inconsistencies in his voice. But I really had to look hard for it. Whoa Taeyang….stepping up his game for this performance.

        3. Fans at the recording heard YB singing live (he was behind the screen thing where he came out during the performance.) They could hear him singing though they couldn’t see him (they also couldn’t see the MV, just Tablo and the dancers on stage.)

          A number of fan accounts say that YB sounded so much better live than on TV (as usual. TV just can’t really do him any justice. His awesome is apparently too much for TV technology to handle. 😉

  2. No no no no more. No more Tomorroww~
    I wish Bae had been there more in person for this. It was great watching him and Blo work the stage together :’D and the brohug at the end was so beeyootiful to me ❤

  3. I totally love the song. YB sang really well in the performance I couldn’t be a happier fangirl. Though I do wish he appears onstage more in person, I’m happy enough to hear him singing like that…plus, the light has to shine more on Tablo right? ^^

    *blissful fangirl mode

    1. yups this is tablo’s stage.. so i am quite pleased to see our boy come out only towards the end.. can’t complain much too hehe cus they did give us the scenes of him at the desert.. alone.. boy loves the desert.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Taeyang’s voice sound like right when he came out on stage finally. Very light and leveled sounding, dunno how to explain it.

    Anyway… incredible performances by all both artists. I think it was a great decision to feature Taeyang near the end of the performance to keep the spotlight on Tablo as much as possible. TY’s stage presence is seriously overwhelming otherwise =D

  5. I absolutely LOVE Tablo’s new album, such brilliant music. And I’m so glad he decided to collborate with Taeyang, what an epic stage of two great musicians.

    Wahhh I’m so happy! I love this song and the fist-man-hug thing at 3:43 had me grinning like a fool,haha.

  6. we haven’t heard a song like this from Taeyang since ‘Chingu’.
    Tablo and Taeyang really match each other.
    i love this collaboration!
    can’t wait to have the studio version of the song!
    of course, the perf is nothing but EPIK!

  7. Finally a performance where Taeyang isn’t wearing his signature shades. The sincerity in his performances is always so much easier to appreciate when I can see his eyes.

  8. Sorry this might be incoherent but I just wanted to spazz and cry about how good YB was in Tablo’s comeback stage T_T Him in the desert and the dancing and the angst-ified face just reminded me how much I miss seeing him like this. AND HIS VOCALS!! WOW!! It’s been so long and his vocals here just blew me away! Of course, Tablo killed it and totally owned his stage. I’m so glad he gave YB a chance to feature in his song. I’m just so so proud and happy ❤

    1. yes,that angst-fied face lol.i missed seeing that what with all his shades wearing lately that covers the expression of his eyes when he performs.not that i’m’s his choice to wear them or not.^^

  9. I am sooo happy. I seriously got chills watching the two of them perform on stage. YB’s vocals were so on point, and leveled here. I’m on cloud 9.
    I’m addicted to the song as well. I wonder if anyone put up lyrics for it yet..will have to search for that.
    Reading what others have been saying about YB’s perf on twitter is making me even more excited and happy.
    I’m trying to imagine Tablo and YB in the studio together recording (eek fangirl dreams come true)…I hope YB took the opportunity to feed off of Tablo’s energy and musicality.
    I wonder if the two of them will be performing this song again? Can’t wait for the studio versionnnn!

    1. There are the lyrics!

      {LYRICS} Tomorrow ( feat. Taeyang) – by Tablo ::

      No no no no more tomorrow x2

      You got someone’s love, that doesn’t mean that you have it
      You keep walking, that doesn’t mean time passes
      You keep breathing, that doesn’t mean you’re alive

      Baby there’s no no tomorrow
      I’m still exactly the same as then
      The time stopped right at the last moment
      However it’s just the past to you
      Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow
      (till you come back everyday is yesterday)
      Baby there’s no no no no more (no more) tomorrow

      [Verse 1]
      The memories which were tearing my heart apart
      They’re now ripped off the calendar
      They’re fading as the year goes by
      I pretend to live forgetting you
      My world is still same (only there’s no you)

      They’re telling me that afterwards I will smile recalling the past
      For me it’s not even easy to raise my head which was facing you
      Why do they keep talking even though I don’t even wanna hear them
      I’m staying here

      Don’t say that tomorrow is the new day
      (the morning will be darker than the night with you)
      Don’t say that after a storm comes the calm
      (the calmness will be more anxious than the worries with you)
      Everything is a mess
      It’s spring again to you but my season don’t change
      Even though my heart blossoms (I’ve got no tomorrow)


      [Verse 2]
      It’s a dead smile which is empty inside
      They say I look even better than when I with you
      That they can stop worrying about me now
      But i can’t breathe
      This smile can not deceive me (yeah)

      I became normal
      I emptied my heart a lot because it became a burden
      I’m going crazy
      Stop telling me your consoles because I don’t want to hear them (please stop)

      They say that the cure of love is another love
      (the meeting will be more lonely than a farewell to me)
      They say that the time fixes everything
      (the life will be same as if I’m dead every second)

      You got someone’s love, that does not mean that you have it
      You keep walking, that does not mean time passes
      You keep breathing, that does not mean you are alive
      Now i know that

      No no more tomorrow x2
      Till you come back
      No no no more tomorrow
      (no more) till you come back to me
      No no no more tomorrow


      Baby there’s no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you comeback everyday is yesterday x4

      Translated : HuisuYoon
      Shared via bbvipforum@twitter
      Taken from : right this way
      Credit : HuisuYoon@twitter

    2. Alternative Lyrics from

      Translated by Eduipe

      You can’t just,
      Receive because love gives
      Go away because time walks
      Live on because a man breathes
      Baby there’s no tomorrow
      I’m stopped just like then
      The time that’s halted at that last moment; for you its just a yesterday

      Baby there’s no no no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you come back everyday is yesterday
      Baby there’s no no no no no no more tomorrow

      The memory that tore my heart tears calendar
      And wanes like the sun. I live pretending to have forgotten you
      Still, my world is the same; it’s just without you
      People tell me I’ll just laugh about it when I will be looking back
      Why do they jabber on—i don’t want to hear—when its even hard for me to turn
      Back my gaze from your direction
      Don’t say, “the sun will rise tomorrow”
      The morning would be darker than your darkest of nights
      “The soil will harden after a rain,” it will be stifling relief than
      Time for worrying with you
      It’s all wrong.
      It would be spring for you again, but my season won’t change
      Even if my heart sprouts again,
      I’ve got no tomorrow.

      Baby there’s no
      No tomorrow I’m stopped just like then
      The time that’s halted at that last moment; for you its just a yesterday
      Baby there’s no no no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you come back everyday is yesterday
      Baby there’s no no no no no no more tomorrow

      They tell me I look better than when I used to be with you,
      but it’s just hollowed-out dead smile.
      They can breathe a sigh of relief, but my breaths are tightening.
      The smile can’t fool just me. Yeah, I did get a bit normal.
      My heart became a burden so I emptied a lot of it.
      I’m gonna go crazy please stop all those consolations that doesn’t even come near my ears
      Saying that you forget a love with another love
      It would be a relationship even more lonely than a break-up.
      Saying that time will solve everything
      Sure, I know now,
      You can’t just,
      Receive because love gives
      Go away because time walks
      Live on because a man breathes

      No no more tomorrow no no more tomorrow
      Till your come back no no
      No more tomorrow till you come back no no
      No more tomorrow baby there’s no tomorrow I’m stopped just like then
      The time that’s halted at that last moment; for you its just a yesterday

      Baby there’s no no no no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you come back everyday is yesterday
      Baby there’s no no no no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you come back to me
      Baby there’s no no no no no no no more tomorrow
      Till you come back everyday is yesterday
      Baby there’s no no no no no no no more tomorrow

        1. Musictology’s translations are always so poetic. It’s like they delve into the mind of the song-writer when they’re translating.

  10. i just love everything about this.idk about myself but i’ve been going through withdrawals lately and this really brought me back.
    the beginning of the song just brought goosebumps cuz it sounded so heavenly.youngbae’s vocal was on point,great from beginning to end and Tablo was just as awesome as he was on stage.
    i love what youngbae wears.i love the song and i can’t stop listening to it.everything’s perfect.i’m so happy.

    1. same here.
      i’m so glad that YB comes back stage finally !!!
      Tablo is a smart looking artist ❤
      i like him from the beginning so this collab is freakin hot to me

  11. MV Countdown on YG-Life

    Yay MV! Though this probably means that we will just get to see YB artfully emoting and walking in the desert again in that granny jacket – it’s still good news. (Yes, I know its Givenchy – which makes it an ugly expensive designer granny jacket as far as I’m concerned.) And Tablo looks just fine based on the photo.

    1. yay for an mv!!!
      YB in more desert scenes singing sad lyrics? How many times has this happened already? Haha
      Although I’m with you BM, that jacket has got to go!!! Stick with the classic white tee and plain black leather jacket please!

      1. I despise that jacket with a passion – it’s ill fitting and does him no favors whatsoever. Keeping my fingers crossed that he loses it soon and that its stays lost.

  12. MV!!!! 😀 Nothing can contain my excitement these past few days. Of course I prefer YB in plain white Ts, but I like the jacket tooooo. Not a granny either..though I do sometimes act like one…

    1. Haha! I’m glad some of you do. I haaaate it. I keep hoping that its sponsored and he had to wear it and its not some horrible misunderstanding with the stylist. (Though considering it has dogs on it, what are the chances he picked it out himself? headdesk.)

  13. lol da Fix for taeyang’s recent (past couple years lol) crappy vocals = stick him behind the screen in a small space where he can’t dance for half the song. good move there.

    1. Did think the seperate Taeyang cuts took away from tablo’s comeback a bit. made it seem more Taeyang comeback less tablo for that song/stage.

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